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By Kristina, founder and chief co-operator of our beloved Rawfully Organic!

Our nation is unhealthy. While some may be practicing good health, more are unhealthy than healthy. I think now more than ever people are looking for health. Not just any type of health, but a solution to unease; a means to dissatisfaction. Society continuously searches for the “quick fix” to some of the most deep-rooted issues; yet, these self-destructive habits cannot be changed overnight. The solution seems to be complicated, but it is actually simple. The question is: are you brave enough to embark on the journey to ultimate body freedom?

When I first went FullyRaw almost 10 years ago, I had no idea the transformation that would take place. Fruits and vegetables would change my life? Really? Sure, why not. If you eat them you feel better physically, right? YES. As a result, I found perfect physical health! Ironically, I didn’t expect for the rest of my life to change. My mindset changed, my emotions changed, and my heart changed. All of the things that I truly wanted for myself, I finally envisioned the manifestation for these possibilities. More importantly, I saw myself as worthy to have them. Then, I developed the bravery to take the steps towards making them happen. What desires and dreams and I speaking of specifically?

Before when I was hyperglycemic, I always dreamed of having the perfect health, perfect body, and perfect confidence. Ironically, I saw this “Kristina” in my head, but I never acted like her in real life. She was my prototype. Becoming FullyRaw was like skydiving: I took the leap with complete faith that the person I wanted to become would manifest as a beacon of health inspiration to show the world what is possible through raw living. Eat raw isn’t just about the food, but it is just about the food. My transformation started with fruits and veggies; here I still stand with fruits and veggies. Am I in the same place? Yes and no. I eat just as clean as I did when I first started this journey; however, I stand before you transformed. I’m in a new element of confidence, happiness, healthiness, self-love, community love, family love, and hope.

I do believe in the power of fruits and veggies. Anyone who has tried a bite of what raw wants another bite. There is something about eating raw that not only makes you CRAVE the fresh food, but also the image of what your body would be like completely PURE. Not to mention, there is something about being totally tied to the earth in a way that connects you with all living things. You turn ON, and there is no going back without an inner subconscious battle. So why not do it? Why not serve as a light, an inspiration to everyone you know?

Drug companies dish out a different type of drug that has our nation in a downward spiral. Smoking. Drinking. Hate. Contamination. Littering. Pesticides. Hate. Self-Banter. Rudeness. Our nation is unhealthy. Fewer live in harmonic peace with their bodies and with the earth than not. But, this HARMONY is what we SEEK. It is that of which we dream. Take that step. What can help us? What can get to the root of the problem? What has the power to CHANGE our NATION? What has the power to save humanity when everything else feels like it’s crumbling beneath our feet? Can the solution be as simple as fruits and vegetables?

Deceivingly enough, the simple solution is not a pill. While a pill appears to be a small, harmless antidote, it serves as a metaphoric representation of evil. It is white, colorless, and lifeless. Place it next to a perfectly juicy and plump blueberry and physically see the difference. One oozes juice; the other does not. One has life; the other does not. When we eat REAL FOOD, we have life. Real food HAS LIFE. Raw food is life: LIFE-GIVING.

I believe in the power of fruits and veggies to create change infinitely. I often imagine a world where fruits and veggies are growing EVERYWHERE. A healthy nation where everyone is in-tune with their bodies and with the earth and where everyone is truly blissful. I have a dream of living in perfect, respectful, and loving harmony with all living creatures. Do you see this vision? I hope that you do, and I hope that you help me to create it one fruit and veggie at a time. If you struggle with eating raw, take it one day at a time. Start with simply enjoying meals of fruit and enjoying the abundance before you. Watch this transform you, and enjoy this journey. Open your heart to change and LOVE every experience. YOU CAN HELP OUR NATION. I’ll be right there beside you enjoying the same. 


By Social Club Member
04 Mar '17
It's a very good and interesting idea, please send me more info. Bregards

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