Art & Culture 09 Mar 2021

come to our first event - complimentary tocket!

Birth of New Club on Clubhouse ATWQ TINY WORLD. First Meeting Tuesday 9 March 6pm UK Time. (7pm CET) 2pm EST (10am PST)

Art & Culture 15 Feb 2021

classical, modern & contemporary artwork auction

Masters of ArtWe are delighted to invite you to participate in our Masters of Art campaign. 5 Auctions showcasing a selection of premium quality lots, presented by the top sellers of our community. With these auntions we put our community of expertise and talent to the forefront, through our collaboration wiith:- international, well renowned galleries- independent artists like Jonathan Price/ Seyko/ Karl Lagasse- art experts connected to Catawiki- partners (Young Collectors Circle/ Accessible Art Fair/ Miljonet/ Tableau)The auctions will be supported by extensive promotional activities, such as:- daily social media posts- notificatiosn to all app users- prominent featering on the Catawiki homepage- featering the Catawiki newsletter- advertisement partnershipsThe auctions will be running frim March 19th till March 28th:- Masters of Classical Art --> 50 lots with a minimum value of €3.500- Masters of Modern Art --> 50 lots with a minimum value of €2.500- Masters of Pop Art --> 50 lots with a minimum value of €2.000- Masters of Street Art --> 50 lots with a minimum value of €1.500- Masters of Photography --> 50 lots with a minimum value of €1.500Benefits to participate in this action:- 10.000.000 potential buyers visit the Catawiki monthly- your art will be appraised by one of our experts- you can decide a reserve price or not- Via Miljonet only 8% sellers commission (normally 12,5%)The deadline for submission is March 10th. Submissions or questions can be sent to

Art & Culture 28 Dec 2020

art work

Dear All,I hope this finds you safe and well.I am pleased to announce that we offer a bespoke art sourcing service for our clients. Whether you are looking to start a new collection or find an excliusive piece, we are able to help.All artworks come with expert appraisals and my source is a collector himself and at market prices.I look forward to hearing from you,Thank you and kind regards,Timi   

Art & Culture 28 Oct 2020

juror @ big syn international film festival 2020 am honoured and extremely excited to be one of the jurors of the Grand Jury for the BIG SYN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2020

Art & Culture 19 Oct 2020

uslada partners with global charity treesisters

I am very excited to announce my partnership with global environmental charity TreeSisters. For the past 5 years I’ve felt very called to make my art in such a way that through the sales of it I could also contribute to the well-being of the Earth. I had many ideas of how to do it, but nothing clicked with me 100 per cent. Finally, during the confinement, I had the time to think this through, and things started shifting when I came across a very inspiring organization, TreeSisters.Today, I am delighted to announce that global charity TreeSisters has accepted me as a member of their SoulTree Partnership Programme. TreeSisters focuses on tropical restoration and conservation by inspiring and channeling women’s Nature-based feminine leadership into local and global action. In practice, this means that TreeSisters is very action-oriented - it supports women who roll up their sleeves, and go plant trees in places where reforestation is most needed.But this is just one way of looking at it, because on a larger scale, this is a process of discovering how to engage, nourish, inspire and activate women into their unique gifts and generosity on behalf of themselves, each other and the forests that we love and need.What does this mean in the context of my art?My art is inspired by the exquisite beauty of the Earth, and its sensual abundance. My creative journey has been dedicated to constant exploration of connection between the nature that surrounds us, and our human nature. I truly belive that it’s only by rooting deeply into the beauty and vastness of our human potential that we will be able to honor the Earth fully. And vice-versa, it’s only by truly respecting and loving the Earth that we will be able to self-actualize and be who we are - sovereign beings, fully enjoying our embodied existence on this luscious Planet.When you look at my paintings, you’ll surely notice a lot of symbols of nature - oceans, fish, birds and flowers - these all all metaphors through which I express my love for the Earth, and my hope for our human potential, and our innate capacity to live in joy. That’s why I decided to embed restoration into the sales of my art. So, how will I do this in the context of my SoulTree partnership with TreeSisters?In practical terms, this means that for every sold limited edition print, embellished by hand by Yours Truly, I will be donating 15 trees to TreeSisters - at no additional cost to you. And if you buy my original art, I think we’ll start planting an entire forest together. Help me fundraise in aid of TreeSisters: you prefer to pay via a bank transfer, send me a message and I’ll give you my bank details. Creative blessings,Uslada

Art & Culture 10 Jan 2020

"the plastic heart" sculpture by charlotte olsson

This heart is entirely sculptured of recycled materials found in the Ocean. Gothenburg-based artist Charlotte Olsson’s purpose with this almost four meter high sculpture is to draw attention to the significant environmental problems in the Ocean. Sir Richard Branson, Sarah Ferguson The Duchess of York, Dr Sylvia Earle, Leif Pagrotsky, Ola Skinnarmo, Johan Elmander, Agneta Sjödin, Mikkey Dee, Team Anna, Lasse Gustavsson, Världens Vackraste Skärgård, etc has all helped Charlotte collecting the plastic waste.“The Ocean is our biggest source of life and for me the greatest source of inspiration. The fact that the Ocean soon contains more plastic than fish makes me terrified! Almost half  the oxygen we breathe is produced in the Ocean. Is this what we want to pass on to future generations?”Charlotte has shown her unique upcycling-art all around Europe and she is one of the very few Swedes who have exhibited her art at The European Council of Human Rights in Strasbourg. This particular art project is a collaboration with The Perfect World Foundation and the profit will contribute to their important work – Save the Ocean!

Art & Culture 18 Dec 2018

artist klimkouski kicked out of miami art show

Artist Yaraslav Klimkouski was kicked out of the Miami Art show Spectrum. On Dec. 5th, 2018, Key West based Artist Yaraslave Klimkouski was removed from the art show Spectrum in MIami during the Art Basel Miami week. Miljonet was there to see Klimkouski do his "live perforance" on his booth at Spectrum, when the situation was getting out of hand. Klimkousky was in full trance when he was painting and the spectators could see him work and putting all his passion and anger into the creative process. Paint was flying around his booth reaching the spectators and unfortunately also ruining a $1000,00 Gucci dress and it was also on the floor, walls and on the art of the surrounding galleries. The crowd went wild and was bidding on his work until the organisation asked the artist to stop because of the damage and complaints from the other galleries. Klimkouski got so angry and decided to throw paint to everyone that was around him, including the surounding gallery booths. When he decided to also paint the floor, it became too much for the organisaion and Klimkouski was arrested and removed from the exhibtion. The rest of the art week the booth of Klimkouski remained closed. His 3 years of preperation for this show was ruined in only one hour; However the artists (aka "the artist that was kicked out of Spectrum") reputation went sky high. He was the talk of the town and it definitely increased the value of his work. He was the most talked about artist in Miami. Miljonet is currently in touch with the artist in order to get a piece of artwork of the exhibition to offer for sale on Miljonet. About the Artist: In December 2012 he had his first exhibition at the artistic district of 5th Av. New York City The Artist: "Now I'm just trying to be myself and When I paint, I try to project myself onto the canvas – nothing fake, just the trut"h. "I try to project my life, my emotions, my mind, creating a subjective but true vision of reality and feelings." "My paintings are studies in contrasts. They take the form of “arguments” – struggles between my spiritual side and what I call the “side of true existence.” I never try to ignore the darker side of my unconscious mind – I am unafraid to face, express and challenge my own imperfections, weaknesses and moral destitution in my art, with the aim of better understanding myself and society"

Art & Culture 27 Nov 2018

we are the children - directors cut.

Directors cut of We Are The Children which combined solidarity of cultural differences and music between the Children of the Apulia region, Italy and X2 orphanages in Kenya which we visited and included donations of over 120kg.In this trailer it tells the story of Walter of which if it hadn’t have been for Dream Children’s Home, he would not be alive today. It also includes the charity WEEP “Women Equality Empowerment Project” which helps ladies with HIV encourage them back into society, teaching them crafts, jewellery making and so much more. Thank you for your visit.

Art & Culture 14 Nov 2018

rene magritte set a record for his work

Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte set a record for his work at a Sotheby's auction in New York. New York: A painting by Rene Magritte sold for $26.8 million Monday at a Sotheby's auction in New York, setting a record for a work by the Belgian surrealist.The painting entitled "Le principe du plaisir" topped the price fetched by "La corde sensible", which was sold in February 2017 in London for $17.9 million.Sotheby's had estimated the painting sold Monday as being worth 15 to 20 million dollars. It said seven collectors -- an unusually high number -- bid for it.Other paintings on offer on the second night of the autumn art auctions in New York also surpassed their estimated value."Improvisation on Mahogany" by Russian-born Wassily Kandinsky, fetched $24.2 million, compared to its pre-sale estimate of 15-20 million dollars.A painting that was supposed to be one of the main attractions of the auction failed to lure a buyer.It was Marsden Hartley's "Pre-War Pageant", considered to be one of the first totally abstract works in the history of American art.It was estimated at $30 million, nearly five times the record for that US painter.On Sunday, the Vincent Van Gogh Painting "Coin de jardin avec papillons", estimated at $40 million, went begging at a Christie's auction of Impressionist and Modern art. 

Art & Culture 29 Oct 2018

audemars piguet will present albedo

AUDEMARS PIGUET WILL PRESENT ALBEDO— A NEW ARTWORK BY TOMÁS SARACENO FOR AEROCENE—AT ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH 19 October 2018: Audemars Piguet is delighted to announce a new artwork imagined by Berlin-based artist Tomás Saraceno for Aerocene. His sustainable, site-specific installation Albedo will be unveiled at Art Basel in Miami Beach on the oceanfront sandlot across from Collins Park, on December 5–9, 2018.  Albedo is a large-scale temporal pavilion developed by Saraceno, comprised of approximately 40 reflective, out-turned umbrellas. Together, the parabolic structures create a large hemispherical sundial on the Miami Beach oceanfront. Seen from above, these experimental structures form an impressive geometric constellation, transforming the usual shielding purpose of umbrellas into a community act to protect the thermodynamic balance of the Earth. The solar energy harnessed is used to lift Aerocene’s iconic aerosolar sculpture, the Aerocene Explorer, into the air. These floating sculptures imagine a new aerial infrastructure that demonstrates the possibilities of an ethical, fossil-fuel-free movement in the atmosphere, while challenging and redefining a global right to mobility.  Saraceno’s Albedo resonates strongly with Audemars Piguet’s long-term commitment to environmental sustainability. Albedo stems from Saraceno’s long-standing vision of Aerocene, an interdisciplinary artistic and scientific endeavour visualising ethical collaborations with the environment, embodying newly developed aerosolar technology devised by the multidisciplinary collaborators and scientists of the Aerocene community, supported by the Aerocene Foundation. Since 1992, the Audemars Piguet Foundation has been dedicated to the cause of worldwide forest conservation through environmental protection and youth awareness-raising programmes organised with local communities. In this way, the driving concerns of Saraceno’s aerosolar investigations resonate with the aims of the Audemars Piguet.  Foundation, as Tomás Saraceno shared: “Our mutual interest in preserving our planet for future generations makes our collaboration in Miami Beach all the more meaningful.”  Albedo by Tomás Saraceno for Aerocene is separate from Audemars Piguet’s Art Commissions (the most recent edition of which was presented earlier this year at Art Basel in Switzerland). However, Albedo bears a strong kinship with other artistic projects raising ecological awareness commissioned by Audemars Piguet and presented at Art Basel Miami Beach, including the 2017 Audemars Piguet Art Commission Slow-Moving Luminaries by Lars Jan, and Theo Jansen’s 2014 Strandbeests, an artistic project in collaboration with the Peabody Essex Museum. Similar to Albedo, these installations investigated fundamental questions about our shared social and ecological future in the form of interactive, experiential, participatory installations marked by a high degree of technological complexity and precision. The Miami Beach oceanfront is, therefore, an inspirational venue to share Albedo with an international public to probe issues of urgent historic and cosmic relevance, and move towards a new Epoch of post-extractivism, the Aerocene.  Albedo is highly interactive and has been developed with specific sustainable functions. Visitors are invited to participate in this immersive artwork that hosts performative experiments in tune with Miami Beach’s usually sunny December weather, including community solar cooking—a first within an Aerocene project, which represents a new visionary method of communicating the intrinsic multifunctionality of solar energy. Aerocene Explorer backpacks will also be available for visitors to fly on Miami Beach. A series of talks presented by Saraceno, the Aerocene community, and Audemars Piguet will be hosted throughout the week. Additional details on all programming is forthcoming.  As Olivier Audemars, Vice President of the Board of Directors, commented: “When the opportunity to support Tomás in creating a new artwork presented itself, we knew we had to bring his vision to life. Tomás is a master craftsman and similar to how we view ourselves at Audemars Piguet. A term like ‘artist’ doesn’t necessarily encapsulate the complexity of his work or vision. He is also a scientist, master connector and champion of the environment. The artwork in Miami Beach this December will take the art projects Audemars Piguet has directly championed to a new height.”  In parallel with the presentation of Albedo in Miami Beach, a major solo exhibition of Saraceno’s work, ON AIR, is taking place at the Palais de Tokyo (Oct 17, 2018 – Jan 6, 2019), and focuses his ongoing innovative research on the environment and cosmos. The exhibition includes a prototype for Albedo as well as detailing on the work of the Aerocene Foundation within the installation.

Art & Culture 06 Aug 2018

blockchain in the art world: the pros and cons

Blockchain in the art world: the pros and consThe technology could improve efficiency and transparency but it poses questions about the future of dealers and auction housesFor Sylvie Gleises, head of marketing at insurer Axa Art, the problem is all too familiar. A fire sweeps through the home of an art collector, reducing their treasured hoard to ashes. But they find that not only have the much-loved artworks gone up in flames, so have their documents of ownership, tucked away in a drawer in the same home. Proving the collector’s ownership rights now becomes considerably harder. But what if the history and proof of their purchases, the provenance of works in their collection and all related legal and insurance documents were held on a permanent, trusted database to which the collector and trusted advisers could gain access via a secure key? “If you have all the certificates and no questions about provenance and authenticity, then it’s easy for us to settle the claim,” says Gleises. This is one example of the potential benefits of the distributed ledger technology — otherwise known as blockchain — currently animating a wave of entrepreneurship in finance, healthcare, manufacturing and the art world. Used since 2009 to underpin the cryptocurrency bitcoin, blockchain allows a transaction to be permanently recorded on a database shared between computers, without relying on a third party to authenticate or process it. Immutability and security are written in to blockchain; when no single authority is in charge of the ledger, no one may remove entries or fiddle with them. It could bring efficiency and transparency to the buying and selling of art, currently a fragmented and opaque marketplace. But it also poses some searching questions about the future of the dealers and auction houses accustomed to carving off a profit: the market’s traditional middlemen. Christie’s, the venerable 252-year-old auction house, is one of the last institutions one might expect to embrace the potential of this disruptive technology. But last week it brought together technologists, art experts, entrepreneurs, financiers and lawyers at its London showrooms to discuss how blockchain could redefine processes and relationships in the art market. Anne Bracegirdle, a specialist in Christie’s photographs department, said blockchain had a “potentially revolutionary impact on our business” in its ability to host all data about an object or artwork, from catalogue details, sale prices and provenance, linked to invoices and certificates of authenticity. In her view, it reduces the room for human error, boosts trust and therefore could tip hesitant buyers and sellers over the line. “Property titles and full provenance are often missing, and that information can make or break a sale.” Digital artists are particularly captivated by the possibilities of blockchain. The market for art created to exist on a screen has suffered from the ease with which it can be replicated. But blockchain allows artists to create digital editions of their work — just as photographers create a limited number of prints — and ensure that ownership can be tracked and verified. Smart contracts — an innovation of the Ethereum blockchain on which nearly all art-related blockchain activity is taking place — also allow them to make more money out of their work, even perhaps selling portions of their work on blockchain, bringing fractional ownership to the art market. Digital art, however, is where incumbent companies appear especially vulnerable, since the role of the dealer or auction house in authenticating art, judging value based on previous prices, researching provenance and bringing together buyers and sellers could become redundant when all that information is held on a blockchain. J ohn Zettler, president of Rare Art Labs, a digital gallery for artists, says: “A simple coding script could ask where this artist has already sold and where this particular piece has sold in the past. There would be no concern about the authenticity of the piece — and no real need for a physical location where buyers and sellers gather.” One of the pioneers of blockchain-based digital art is Matt Hall, co-creator of “cryptopunks”, a series of 10,000 unique digital artworks in the shape of pixelated heads that he and his business partner released on Ethereum last year. They no longer control the art; it has taken on a life of its own, with rare cryptopunks changing hands for the equivalent of thousands of dollars.While he sees the experiment as an unexpected success, Hall says it raises “tricky questions” about people’s willingness to buy art that only exists online. Debate also rages about the technical question of where the digital art should reside. Since keeping work on the blockchain itself is expensive, it is typically used to host a proof of ownership and a link to the work itself on a separate third-party site. Purists say that offends the principle of independence that is the point of the technology; it also leaves owners vulnerable to the possibility the third-party company could go out of business, putting their art out of reach or even destroying it. Few deny that dealing with blockchain is currently tedious: users have to go through the process of acquiring a “digital wallet” and negotiate a barrage of technical jargon. For art entrepreneurs wishing to launch services on Ethereum, the price of engaging with the network to set up or make changes to data — known as the “gas price” — is also painfully volatile. “There are so many rough edges. You can’t plan for success by buying a bigger server. You don’t control the servers and you can’t call the helpdesk,” Hall says. Others worry that data held on blockchain will fall foul of the European general data protection regulation (GDPR) that came into force in May and has required monumentally complex and expensive preparations on the part of big corporations. Richard Entrup, Christie’s global chief information officer, says doubts over blockchain’s compliance with GDPR were an “aha moment” for him. “It immediately takes it off the table for a number of applications,” he says. Christie’s is nonetheless exploring the technology’s potential, with hints of an as-yet-undisclosed blockchain initiative coming soon. For some, the lack of a central authority overseeing the Ethereum blockchain is both its central appeal and its Achilles heel, since it leaves unanswered questions about what happens in the event of disputes. This is particularly acute where the blockchain is linked to artworks in the physical world. When that fire rips through the luxury apartment, who is in charge of telling the blockchain that the items in question are gone? “If a trusted party is required to do that, then how decentralised is the system really, and how different is it from doing it the old-fashioned way?” asks Hall. The need for expertise in navigating these dangerous shoals means, for the time being at least, that dealers and auction houses are likely to have a role to play. Gleises also believes they have other reasons to keep a tight grip on the market. “There are plenty of intermediaries who don’t have any interest in change. It’s a very small market, and very profitable for some. Who is going to be willing to let go of some of the margin for the market to grow?” By James Pickford FT 

Art & Culture 04 May 2018

bespoke luxury glass by ef art stained glass & des

Stained glass is an element of decor or exterior of the building, which consists of many pieces of art glass and is designed to fill the openings or bulk forms, taking into account the transmission or reflection of light. In Studio EF ART Stained glass & Design we putting all those pieces of glass in an ultimate luxury story of the glass and art. Modern designers are happy to use stained glass designs and bright color compositions. Stained glass windows, doors, and wall panels decorate closets and hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and staircase designs today.Also, stained glass compositions adorn modern ceiling designs and add gorgeous colors to decorative room dividers and partition walls. Combining pieces of glass of different colors can dramatically change the space perception, harmonize home decorating and add elegance to any interior design style. The flow of light through the material is, of course, crucial to the breathtaking effect of colored glass. The beauty of glass is in truth the beauty of light. Light is a medium that, like music, finds its way directly to the soul. We all are familiar with the magical qualities of the medieval stained glass, but the modern and contemporary glass are equally successful in provoking wonder, capable of surprising but in a completely novel language, which is more in tune with our times.   Pencils and watercolors: Weeks, months go into the making of a new stained glass window. However, it all starts with a great idea, a pencil and watercolor drawings in the design atelier. The main purpose and philosophy are to inspire customers with a finished project that goes beyond the expectation, producing unique and individual design results.  Shiny shades and hues: Various types of glass are carefully examined and hand-picked to best translate the beauty of the design into a unique hand-crafted project. Elena Sigmund is an artist and designer from Russia currently based in Europe/Slovenia. She is the art director of the EF ART Stained Glass & Design which is specialized in the stained glass window and interior made to order. By looking at her work we get the impression that the picture form glass starts to be alive and colorful light vibrates we sailed into a divine fairy tale. 

Art & Culture 06 Feb 2018

a white man serving a black star

It is February 1953. Germany, Seven and a half years after WWII. In the lobby of the Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg Norman Granz, promoter of the successful Jazz at the Philharmonic concerts, is meeting with his stars of the sold out Hamburg Jazz at the Philharmonic evening at the Ernst Merck Halle. For the first time Ella Fitzgerald is performing in Europe, together with ‘the white Charly Parker’ Flip Philips, Lester Young, Oscar Peterson, drummer Gene Krupa and Ray Brown on bass.Young female photographer Susanne Schapowalow, who made this photo, started taking pictures at jazz concerts after she was introduced to the jazz scene by musician and jazz radio show host Olaf Hudtwalker in 1948. She fell for the music and she fell for the musicians. As a professional photographer for German magazines, shooting cover photos portraying famous politicians, scientists and artists, she knew how to work with stars. But Susanne Schapowalow felt that something new was afoot and wanted to hear the new jazz music and be as close as possible to the musicians. With her Dior-like look she couldn’t be overlooked by the black musicians that visited Germany after the war thus making it possible for her to become friends with some of them and enter the dressing rooms and hotel rooms. Ulla Fröhling describes Susanne’s entrance into the world of jazz breathtakingly in her foreword in the book Sophotocated Lady.So, in February 1953, Duke Ellington, Eartha Kitt, Louis Armstrong, to name a few, all knew Susanne Schapowalow. They were used to the sophisticated female German photographer. Probably Susanne Schapowalow wasn’t aware of the fact that this photo she took in the lobby of the Atlantic Hotel was very special. She just made a portrait of the promoter and his artists. And she made it for personal use only - never were her jazz photographs published until 2009. Now we can conclude that the fact that Ella Fitzgerald, being a black female coming from a 100% segregated USA, is served here by a white waiter makes this a historical shot. That puts an extra quality to this already special portrait.5 prints of the limited edition of 10 were sold in Germany after Susanne Schapowalow's grandson Felix discovered the secret music archives of his grandmother in 2009 and organized a show in Berlin. One of these prints can be seen in the Ellington Hotel in Berlin that bought 110 different prints when they came to the market. We sold the signed 6/10 to a collector in Southern France. Maybe 7/10 is still available in Germany with Susanne Schapowalow's daughter. We think the numbers 8 to 10 have never been printed. For collectors interested we can check with the family...

Art & Culture 04 Jan 2018

gg/2018 kicking in grand time!

GG/2018 KICKING IN GRAND TIME!Again & Again From us All At GALVANO GROUP A HapPY 2018 with Joy, Sparkles & Prosperity! GALVANO GROUP gets u access to→A mountain  of services around the World!Here are some upcoming Events & Experiences  for u to look at as The New Year Begins In NYC & The USA! Contact, Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on : January 7th 2018: Golden Globe Awards (Los Angeles)-Private Screening Parties-Celebrity Gifting Lounges-Network After PartiesJanuary 18th – 28th: Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah) -Premieres & Screenings-Private Mansion Premiere After Parties-Celebrity Gifting Lounges & Suites-Access to Sold Out Four & Five-Star HotelsJanuary 28th: 60th Annual Grammy Awards (NYC)-Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Dinner & Party-Awards Ceremony & Official After Party-Red Carpet -Record Labels After PartiesFebruary 4th 2018: Super Bowl 2018 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)-Tickets to the Big Game (All Seating Categories Available) -On Field Access (Halftime & Post-Game) -Player Meet & Greet -Private Party Access (Rolling Stone, Playboy, Direct TV & More) -Access to Sold Out Four & Five-Star HotelsFebruary 8th-16th 2018: New York Fashion Week (NYC)-Access to Designer Runway Shows-Backstage Tours & Designer Meet & Greets-Private Shopping at Designer Stores -Private Event & After Party Access&…. VIP Broadway Experiences (Premium Tickets, Backstage Tour, Cast Meet & Greet)HamiltonHello DollyDear Evan HansenAladdinLion KingWickedKinky BootsMany More..&....LIVE Talk Shows Available (VIP Producer Seating & VIP Entry)Saturday Night Live (NYC)Jimmy Fallon Live (NYC)The Voice (Los Angeles)John Oliver (NYC)Jimmy Kimmel (Los Angeles)James Corden (Los Angeles)Ellen Live (Los Angeles)Graham Norton (London)

Art & Culture 21 Dec 2017

7 ème art

7 ème Art7ème Art est une conciergerie dédié au 7 ème Arts .artistes, les agents d’artistes, les tourneurs, les producteurs, les magazines, les mannequins, les réalisateurs, les stylistes, les maquilleurs, les sportifs, les coiffeurs, les peintres, l’ ingénieur son, l’ingénieur des lumières, les musiciens, les comédiens, les chanteurs…pour vous tous c’est un gain de temps, une facilité, ouvert 24h/24h 7j/7 avec une possibilité d’avoir son concierge sur place.7 ème Artc’est la première personne à contacter si vous avez besoin, d’une caméra, d’un micro, d’une location de studio, une organisation de tournée ou de concert , d’un Taxi, une location de Van pour concert ou d’un Bus tour, une location de voiture, réservation de billet d’avion, l’organisation des transferts, repas sur place ou en livraison, de la presse, d’un massage avant concert, d’une assistance médicale rapide, bref votre société de conciergerie privée est là.Nous avons fait le choix de nous consacrer uniquement à l’artistique, nous travaillons des ingénieurs, des photographes, des maquilleurs, des réalisateurs, des producteurs, des tourneurs.7 ème Art est la conciergerie Artistique pour vous servir pour améliorer votre quotidien .Cette année, sur la Côte d'Azur et Monaco, C5's a créé pour vous "LE REVEILLON " .Sparkling gift for a christmas surpriseSparkling gift on a festive bokeh background for a christmas surpriseC5's vous présente des réveillons de rêves. Selon vos désirs, le lieux, le nombre de vos invités, nous sommes là pour vous conseiller et vous présenter l'unique expérience.Villas privées, Hôtels 5 étoiles ou palaces, n'hésitez pas, contactez nousCette année, sur la Côte d'Azur et Monaco, C5's a créé pour vous "LE REVEILLON " .LE REVEILLON DE NOËLCHARTER DE RÊVE: 4 nuits / 5 jours à bord d'un somptueux yacht de 60 mètres au large de Monaco. Diner de réveillon présenté par son Chef. "TARIF EXCEPTIONNEL" !!!Pour des raisons de confidentialité et de sécurité, les photos du yacht ne seront présentées que sur demande réelle du client. (la photo ci-dessus n'est pas celle du charter). La durée des séjours peut être plus longue. Chaque séjour sera organisé selon les désirs du client."Le sur-mesure pour le client privilégié" Vous êtes unique, nous le serons pour découvrir:LE TEMPLE DU LUXE www.c5s-luxury-services.com

Art & Culture 13 Dec 2017

johnny hallyday

                                            TRIBUTE TO A NATIONAL TREASURE & A GOLDEN VOICE→JOHNNY HALLYDAY                                                                                               1943-2017                                           

Art & Culture 13 Dec 2017

2018-casanova grand ball-the pleasure garden

 2018-CASANOVA GRAND BALL-THE PLEASURE GARDENSaturday February 10th 2018Venice, Italy GALVANO GROUP gets u access to a→ beautiful & magic Venetian Palace close to th Basilica dei Frari. Starts at 8.00 pm, in the courtyard with a cocktail with a performance by our local artists, followed by a diner in the Grand Hall.11.30pm starts the -Gran Ballo in Maschera- with renown DJ Andrea along with dancers involving you in the -Minuetto- in an overwhelming show till 3.30am. Ongoing open bar service with drinks, hot drinks & sweet treats such as Venetian frittolle & galani (traditional carnival sweets in Venice).An extraordinary masked ball's adventure: Casanova Love Experiences &  Forbidden Games…..Grand Ball will be held in the majestic & picturesque setting of the noble Venetian Palace.A Magical Adventure….. & Much More!…. DRESS CODE PERIOD COSTUME.Our Partner/Atelier realizes Venice’s Carnival Costumes!→Exact reproductions of most elegant & extravagant XVIIIth & XIXth cnetur’s fashion style. All new costumes, top quality !The collection includes 200+ costumes. Cocktail, Diner & After Diner Options Contact, Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on : 

Art & Culture 11 Dec 2017

16th edition of art basel in miami beach

The 16th edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach concluded with strong sales and high praise for the new floor plan and show design. December 10, 2017, Art Basel’s 16th edition in Miami Beach closed following strong sales across all levels of the market and robust attendance from international collectors and institutions. This year's show saw the debut of a new floor plan and show design, which was widely praised by exhibitors and collectors alike. The show, whose Lead Partner is UBS, featured 268 premier galleries from 32 countries, who presented outstanding works, ranging from Modern masterpieces to contemporary painting, sculpture, performance, photography, works on paper and film – some of which were created specifically for the fair. Across the five show days, the fair attracted an attendance of over 82,000, including influential collectors, directors, curators, trustees and patrons of leading international museums and institutions.See pictures for an impression of the 2017 show..

Art & Culture 06 Dec 2017

gg/my yacht group-art basel-miami beach marina

GG/MY YACHT GROUP-ART BASEL 2017-MIAMI BEACH MARINAThursday December 7th- Sunday December 10th 2017 GALVANO GROUP gets u access to →My Yacht Event  with  its 7th annual charity reception during Art Basel, in partnership with Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors AG, aboard its magnificent  54m Yacht Noble House, with Bermuda Business Development Agency, Tockr, Zeelander Yachts, IYC, Perrier-Jouët, Château d’Esclans, Rebecca Creek at Miami Beach Marina. The evening will again welcome Art Basel VIP Collector’s Circle members, Institute of Contemporary Art Board of Trustees, Founders & Patrons, plus international Art Collectors, Artists, Gallerists, Influencers, HNW guests…..& Much More! Contact, Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on :  

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ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH 2017Thursday December 7th-Sunday December 10th 2017 GALVANO GROUP gets u access To →ART BASEL bringing Arts to all Ages, Shows, Offers, Services in Beautiful Miami-Florida…..& Much More! →All Access PassesVIP First Choice- Fair Pass.VIP Cocktail Party Access.Exhibit Preview Night- VIPS & Celebs.VIP Lounge Access.VIP Line Access.Special Party Access -VIP holders.VIP Pass Holders -VIP Entrance -VIP Lounge.South Beach Events.VIP Cocktail & Exhibit Party. (Held a Day before Public Opening). IncludesDecember 5th: Welcome ReceptionDecember 6th: First Choice/Preview OpeningDecember 7th: VernissageAdmission to Art Basel Collectors LoungeAdmission to Design Miami &...TBD!Ricky Martin & Eva Longoria Gala at Nobu Eden Roc Contact, Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on : 

Art & Culture 14 Nov 2017

slow-moving luminaries by lars jan

SLOW-MOVING LUMINARIES BY LARS JAN FOR THE 3RD AUDEMARS PIGUET ART COMMISSION.  Le Brassus, 26 October 2017: Haute Horlogerie manufacturer Audemars Piguet is delighted to announce the details of its 3rd Art Commission, realised by Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist Lars Jan, in collaboration with artistic director and guest curator Kathleen Forde. The large-scale immersive installation entitled Slow-Moving Luminaries will be shown this year at Art Basel in Miami Beach.   Audemars Piguet will unveil its 3rd Art Commission on the Miami Beach oceanfront to coincide with Art Basel in Miami Beach (6-10 December 2017). The Audemars Piguet Art Commission’s aim is to contribute to global artistic innovation by supporting artists who explore ideas related to complexity, precision, technology and science. Audemars Piguet not only provides the financial support to develop and present each project, it also gives the selected artist access to the advanced tools, craft expertise and sophisticated technology necessary to realise the finished artwork. Slow-Moving Luminaries will take the form of an immersive and kinetic large-scale pavilion that will host a labyrinth within. Presented on a site spanning 100 by 50 feet, the work will invite viewers to partake in a journey across its upper and lower decks. Standing in stark contrast from one another, the lower deck will boast an extravagant maze of scrim and flora, and the upper deck a shallow, reflective pool of water, through which building models that mimic the surrounding skyline will emerge and recede in concert, but at varying speeds throughout the day. The artist notes: ‘It’s a visceral response to the water — I find it exquisitely beautiful, but I have a kind of anxiety about it. I came into this commission thinking about time, but also the cycles of the planet versus the cycle of human behaviour and our built environment — the changing of our world converging with the changing of the biosphere’.  This major new work will examine the oscillating conflict between an individual’s state of meditation and that of crisis—both internal and external. Within the work, Jan will manipulate scale and temporality, presenting viewers with a reality that can be experienced beyond the day-to-day and allowing them to become participants, choreographing the experience freely. Jan comments: ‘the 3rd Audemars Piguet Art Commission will see its viewers act as performers, becoming a part of the piece as they interact with it. The performance will be spontaneous and remain unscripted, allowing the viewers to set their own pace. This is the first time I will not have control over my performers’ movements. The piece will be totally experiential for the viewer and go beyond the simple act of contemplation’.  Lars Jan was one of seven artists invited by guest curator Kathleen Forde to submit an idea for the 3rd Audemars Piguet Art Commission, four of whom were shortlisted for the Commission. The shortlisted artists were invited to the Valle?e de Joux in Switzerland to familiarise themselves with the brand’s origins and values. Known for his cross-disciplinary experiments in performance, art, and technology, the artist Lars Jan describes his collaboration with Audemars Piguet saying: ‘They’re really courageous — they put the art first and value the concepts and ideas that are part of the work’.  Kathleen Forde, guest curator of the 2017 project speaks of the artist as ‘the perfect fit for this year’s Art Commission. His art mirrors the complexity, precision, technology and science that defines Audemars Piguet’. Olivier Audemars, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, says: ‘As a company, we want to be transformed by art. Artists have a capacity to see things differently; as if they have special glasses that one can borrow and see what they can see’. He reflects on the upcoming project: ‘One of the reasons we were so impressed by Lars’ [work] is that it’s quite strongly linked to something that we know: our environment is very fragile. We are just a little part of the history of the earth and the universe, and it’s up to us to find a solution to continue to exist’.  

Art & Culture 07 Nov 2017

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LISABELNEW→......GALVANO ARTS section-GALVANO IRIDIUM! GROUP gets u access to→LISABEL, our exclusive ONE Artist, Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on :

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GG/ BFI-LONDON FILM FESTIVAL 2017October 4th-October 15th 2017 GALVANO GROUP gets u access to→London Film Festival European premiere screenings, Red Carpet, Films Premieres, Galas &….. Much More! An Ace Up Your Sleeve!Your Global Butler In Your Pocket!GALVANO GROUP’S got it all! Contact, Details & Reservations:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comFollow us on : 

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GG/ ROME-FLORENCEGALVANO GROUP gets u access to→Florence at The Private Uffizi Tour,The Accademia Museum After Hours Private Tour or  Michelangelo’s Secret Archives!GALVANO GROUP gets u access to→ Rome at Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel Private After Hours Visit, St Peters Tomb under the Basilica, Papal Gardens & Villa -Castel Gandolfo, Breakfast at the Vatican & Vatican Museums or Papal Audience!Along with a Michelin Star Diner Experience in ONE of Rome's Best Reputable Location !We Got It All→ An Ace Up Your Sleeve!Serving Your Desires & Preferences! Contact, Details & Reservations:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comFollow us on :