Artist Klimkouski Kicked Out of Miami Art Show

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  • 18 Dec '18
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Artist Yaraslav Klimkouski was kicked out of the Miami Art show Spectrum.


On Dec. 5th, 2018, Key West based Artist Yaraslave Klimkouski was removed from the art show Spectrum in MIami during the Art Basel Miami week.


Miljonet was there to see Klimkouski do his "live perforance" on his booth at Spectrum, when the situation was getting out of hand. Klimkousky was in full trance when he was painting and the spectators could see him work and putting all his passion and anger into the creative process. Paint was flying around his booth reaching the spectators and unfortunately also ruining a $1000,00 Gucci dress and it was also on the floor, walls and on the art of the surrounding galleries. The crowd went wild and was bidding on his work until the organisation asked the artist to stop because of the damage and complaints from the other galleries. Klimkouski got so angry and decided to throw paint to everyone that was around him, including the surounding gallery booths. When he decided to also paint the floor, it became too much for the organisaion and Klimkouski was arrested and removed from the exhibtion.


The rest of the art week the booth of Klimkouski remained closed.


His 3 years of preperation for this show was ruined in only one hour; However the artists (aka "the artist that was kicked out of Spectrum") reputation went sky high. He was the talk of the town and it definitely increased the value of his work. He was the most talked about artist in Miami.


Miljonet is currently in touch with the artist in order to get a piece of artwork of the exhibition to offer for sale on Miljonet.


About the Artist:

In December 2012 he had his first exhibition at the artistic district of 5th Av. New York City The Artist: "Now I'm just trying to be myself and When I paint, I try to project myself onto the canvas – nothing fake, just the trut"h. "I try to project my life, my emotions, my mind, creating a subjective but true vision of reality and feelings." "My paintings are studies in contrasts. They take the form of “arguments” – struggles between my spiritual side and what I call the “side of true existence.” I never try to ignore the darker side of my unconscious mind – I am unafraid to face, express and challenge my own imperfections, weaknesses and moral destitution in my art, with the aim of better understanding myself and society"

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20 Dec '18
Pfffff!....Relating Art with Anger?!?...Talk of the town?!? Pffff!→World Gone Mad..
By Social Club Member
20 Dec '18
In a lot of art there is love, passion and also anger and frustration Simi...
By Social Club Member
21 Dec '18
→Not to confuse Passion with Nutsy Anger which is what the guy showed..
By Social Club Member
25 Dec '18
These issues are good for an artists reputation ;-) The value of his work will go up ...however I don't support behavior like this.
By Social Club Member
04 Feb '19
...It's not about behavior it's about respect & consideration...!

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