System & Networks by Taline Temizian


ContiniArtUK is pleased to announce Systems & Networks, a new exhibition at sketch, showcasing the works of Taline Temizian. 

Temizian has practiced and studied art from an early age, a life long passion that has seen her develop a path as a contemporary artist. Temizian's practice is strongly rooted in both high levels of craftsmanship, research, artistic theory, and the artist's cultural history between the Middle East and Europe. In addition to her artistry, she has a strong background in design; a career that comes to life through her high jewellery, unique bespoke creations and collaborations with the London jewellers Bentley & Skinner (creators of the Diamond Skull).

Based on Roland Barthes’ book “The Fashion System”, Systems & Networks paves the way for the start of an in-depth study of Tamizian’s evolving NETWORKS PROJECT. In Systems & Networks, the artist focuses on the exploration of fashion as both a system and a network. With the recurring motif of her signature CARDIAC image, dream world figures, lips and colour combinations are realised through a series of mixed media, light art and kinetic works. The visual feast of colours, movements and lights presented by the artist takes on a new direction. The previously unseen use of movement, mixed with alternative realities, finds itself in perfect harmony with sketch's eclectic yet fashionable setting, as London’s top destination for art, food and music. 

Born in 1978, Temizian currently lives and works in London as a contemporary artist and designer of fine jewellery, having received an education in both Syria, Beirut, Paris and London. Temizian has exhibited internationally in such cultural centres as Venice, Basel, Zagreb, Beirut, Maastricht & (pre-war) Aleppo.  Her works have made their way into both notable public and private collections internationally. 

Systems & Networks runs from 06 January to 20 March, 2016 at sketch, 9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG. The following statements are taken from the show’s catalogue:

“Taline Temizian, a self-proclaimed “nowhere girl” explores with her work, experiences that have shaped her life, creating an uncanny world of flattened time and wildly shifting perspectives. Her work is highly gestural and yet meticulously planned, merging the factual with the fictional; imposing a subtle geometry and the illusion of order on to a world full of uncertainty.”


A formula, an algorithm... A lead to endless results


A system of components and concepts

Human interactions netting a system by forming nodes and layers

A matrix of woven strings, attached and intersected with light and colours

A mapped projection... A series of movements


A visual consequence, a sum of interactions, multiplications or intersections

A light installation, a set of images, a sensory experience, a voyage to one’s heart and soul

Systems & Networks explores fashion as a system and a network, represented here visually with light, colours, forms and movements through exploring various scenarios: overlapping, intersecting and fragmenting other system & networks with every movement.

By Social Club Member
01 Feb '16
COMPLIMENTS BOTH FOR THE ARTIST & THE GALLERY, which are a MUST to meet & visit when in London !

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