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ÁLVARO GALCERÁN, Public Wall, 18 Dec '19   Credits: 3

Dear my Miljonet contacts. Please let me apologize for not having been active on Miljonet webpage since long time ago. Three years ago I was diagnosed a very agressive cancer and I am still busy fighting this survival war. My life expectation is, as per my doctor, "a matter of months or years". Despite doctor´s news are not good, I am proud that mentally the cancer didn´t beat me a single day in three years. Two things inspired me: 1. The Spanish song 'Resistiré' ('I will resist' by the Spanish Dúo Dinámico), i.e. the equivalent to 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor, both used in anticancer musictherapy. 2. A scene from the film 'Gladiator'  (please see the attached Youtube link). I'd appreciate your Comments if any. Kind regards, Álvaro Galcerán, alias 'Gladiator'.


ÁLVARO GALCERÁN, Public Wall, 18 Dec '19   Credits: 2

[Film] 'Gladiator': [Scene] 'Battle at the Colosseum': Youtube link. [Please click on 'Gladiator' picture above to see this inspiring video scene]


RENÉ VAN DE SCHRAAF, Public Wall, 18 Dec '19   Credits: 2

Thank you for your message Álvaro. What a sad news. Still, I admire your fighting spirit and wish you all the best and strength in this battle.


DIANNA YAKOBSON, Public Wall, 18 Dec '19   Credits: 1

I wish you take all precious moment in your life, stay strong and weak when need it. Hugs!


ROY-M. MARTENS, Public Wall, 20 Dec '19   Credits: 2

Dear Álvaro, there are hardly good words, but let it be known that we are with you in spirit. And miracles do happen.


ANNE VON ECHLIN, Public Wall, 20 Dec '19  Credits: 3

Yes, miracles do happen indeed; a Norwegian guy who was diagnozed with terminal cancer, decided to quit it all, and moved out to a remote cabin in the deep forest in order to spend his last time there. But as the days, weeks and months passed on, nothing happened. Unexpectantly he did not get worse, actually on the contrary. Gradualy he started to be outdoors in the fresh air, working with wood cut and other practical stuff, joined with the quiet ambience of the simply cabin, fire on the oven, and deep sleep. When he returned to his doctor in the city after several months in the forest, no medical signs of the cancer and malign growth could be found anymore! It was gone!! - 'I think I have found a good cure for cancer!' he later commented and these days he is well an normal again.


RAMÓN LUITWIELER, Public Wall, 21 Dec '19   Credits: 2

Dear Álvaro, what a sad news! Stay strong!! It is good to see your positive mindset! Keep the faith and welcome back on Miljonet.


ÁLVARO GALCERÁN, Public Wall, 21 Dec '19   Credits: 4

Dear René, Dianna, Roy-M., Anne and Ramón,

Thank you very much for your Comments, that give me hope and positive energy. I´ll tell you something rather personal. I defined my vocation wihen I was 12 years old. My slogan was 'to give me life to others '; and my target (now that the current Pope promotes this I reveal this secret): to become a Saint (i.e. San Álvaro de Bellera though the title is not important). So, in a society without values I am trying to reach the most elevated one. As my life progressed I have suffered very tough situations, overcame them and then helped others to overcome similar ones more easily, specifically unemployed, separated/divorced, mentally disordered people and what my Lord puts in my path, which now is cancer patients. What is the key is that before the risky radical surgical operation, in a 1 hour confession with the most intelligent and strict jesuit i ever met, and after reviewing all my life, he told me that I reached already 90% of my vocation target, told me what else to do and I am doing it. Can you imagine? I almost entirely achieved my sense of life , so I fill now simply fulfilled and happy. My way to help cancer patients is the following. I am Finance professional and amateur musician, belonging to the guitars duo 'A&A' (Alberto & Álvaro) (we already recorded in radio and TV channels). So, we have given already 4 anticancer concerts ( both public and private) called "Words and songs". With the words i tell my cancer experience discovering the positive side of the cancer, and illustrate each key idea with a song. The attendants cancer patients exit the concert renovated and motivated to fight, which is how I can help them. One of these positive sides of cancer is what I call the 'Just in case' approach. For example right now, given my life expectation is a 'matter of months or years', just in case these were my last Christmas I have planned a Christmas agenda with plenty of lunches, dinners, parties, concerts, etc. so looks like one of the best ones in my life. Now I am preparing a big anticancer concert in a hospital with 100 people both patients and public with the same idea of 'Words and songs' with my motovating testimony. I feel happier than before the cancer. What do you think about all these? I'd appreciate very much your Comments. Thanks for your patient reading a long text.


DIANNA YAKOBSON, Public Wall, 21 Dec '19    Credits: 1

Good thoughts, Álvaro!


ROY-M. MARTENS, Public Wall, 23 Dec '19   Credits: 2

Wonderful, and your gr8 mindset has a major influence. Anne's story is an important reminder and you might be aware of Dr. Joe Dispenza, I can personally/highly recommend his book 'You are the Placebo'. Can we listen to your music somewhere on the net? All the best from me and certainly everyone else here!


RENÉ VAN DE SCHRAAF, Public Wall, 23 Dec '19   Credits: 2

Thank you for sharing your story Álvaro. Again, it is wonderful to see you help so many others in their struggles! I am sure you will experience many other Christmases. I wish you all the best.


ROY-M. MARTENS, Public Wall, 23 Dec '19   Credits:1

Btw: The huge gladiator on Russel Crowe's left is an old friend of mine :-)


ÁLVARO GALCERÁN, Public Wall, 10 Feb '20   Credits: 1

CANCER 3 - 1 ÁLVARO: I am football player for +50 years and I never gave up a single ball. Last week was key for me. On one side, I had the most important job interview in my life, which I had prepared for three weeks. On the other, I had the most important doctors' review on cancer for last three years, being the expectations bad or very bad news. The conventional cancer therapies are failing in my case. After three years war, I am again like the first day, i.e. there is a new focus of cancer which is still hidden and is creating consistently extremely bad PSA numbers (the key measure). The bad news would have been that I have to pass experimental risky therapies like immunotherapy, which consists on an injection that makes 9 out 10 patients survive and some of them get rid of cancer, while the balance patient simply dies. A 10% chance of dying is not huge but is relevant enough to pray and pray. The very bad news were that I am not elegible for immunotherapy because it is not compatible with the chemotherapy that I aready passed. So, failing the conventional treatments and not being feasible the experimental one, the next choice is natural treatments (plants like curcumine, ginger, etc). The doctor has forbidden me to follow natural therapies because of their negative impact on liver metabolism. So, the third choice is simply pray, pray and pray. However, and after of long and detailed information, the doctors' words when I asked how was the overall situation, he surprisingly said 'between mid-point and good', kind of 55% out of 100%. These are the first positive words I heard from any of the ca. 12 doctors that are treating me in parallel, for the last three years. So, I consider this the first goal I have scored against cancer. In other football words, THE COME BACK HAS STARTED. Furthermore, the day before the doctors' revision, i.o. worrying, I enjoyed preparing a concert about James Taylor (songs like "You've got a friend') JUST IN CASE it was my last one before the injection, and I enjoied it a lot. What do you think?


ÁLVARO GALCERÁN, Public Wall, 11 Feb '20    Credits: 1

Dear Roy-M., Answering your question: No, you cannot yet hear my music on YouTube or other internet channels. But I can send to your private e-mail address a video with the trial #1 or the trial #2 of the 2020 Christmas Charity Anticancer Concert that I am organizing (expected ca. 100 attendants, half of them patients and may be even recorded on a national TV channel, titled 'Words and songs' and performed by 'Álvaro & Friends'. Would you please send me your private e-mail address? Mine is .


ÁLVARO GALCERÁN, Public Wall, 13 Feb '20   Credits: 2

Dear Roy-M., Regarding your question about listening my anticancer music, I am planning in our trial #2 to include an introduction words in English with the key ideas (the rest of words about the positive sides of the cancer are in Spanish which is not admitted by Miljonet), while the songs are in English (mainly), Spanigh and Portuguese. I´ve just asked authorization fro Raoul and Ramón to share on Miljonet Club Pubic Wall the video of our trial #2 (by end of February 2020) including the English introduction besides the Spanis words. I´ll let you know if there is a chance to listen to the video in this approach. Thanks for your will anyway. Kind regards, Álvaro


DIANNA YAKOBSON, Public Wall, 13 Feb '20   Credits: 1

We´ll get through this together with you Álvaro. You´re not facing cancer alone. You are strong. You can do this. Never, never ,never give up. I am praying for you and we love you !


ANNE VON ECHLIN, Public Wall, 14 Feb '20   Credits: 2

'The holy Spirit needs no doctor'. Dear Álvaro, do focus and rely on yourself, your Spirit, which live in your body. In Hebrew, Scandinavian and Russian language Spirit = Breath, the same word, the person who lives in the physical body. It is your physical body which is attacked, but not your Spirit! -  do take one day at a time, and do whatever gives Happiness to your Spirit, jus small daily beautiful things and pleasures, and give a damn about everything else. It will strengthen you, this is my firm belief! And this sterngth might combat the attack on your body, like it did with the guy in the forest in Norway! With best wishes, Anne.


RENÉ VAN DE SCHRAAF, Public Wall, 16 Feb '20   Credits: 2

Hello Álvaro. A positive mind will bring more result. Positive words from the doctor must give hope and I detect a positive thought with you and that is good. So keep up this positive spirit and I am sure you wil win this fight.


ÁLVARO GALCERÁN. Public Wall, 3 Mar '20 

Dear my Miljonet Contacts, I have transfered the entire content of this Public Wall chat about my cancer into my new blog (please see Miljonet Magazine Blogs Body & Mind) titled 'The War Cancer Vs, Álvaro' including my long paragraphs, all your very welcome and helpful Comments and the inspiring video with the scene from 'Gladiator' film. I would very much appreciate that you please check my Blog from time to time and provide Comments. Kind regards, Álvaro alias 'Gladiator'

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27 Mar '20
Be Well & Be Safe...
Nice Photo :):)
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05 Jul '20
Thanks, Simi.
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08 Jul '20
CANCER 3 - ÁLVARO 2: The come-back continues. Today I had excellent news from the oncologist. The first good news in 3 an a half years already. The PSA indicator is the key in my cancer. It should be between 1 and 2. When I was diagnosed cancer, it was at 24. The three best doctors in Madrid agreed on the need of an urgent radical surgery operation. With the operation, the chemotherapy and the hormonotherapy it went down to 1.7, almost ok. But then started to increase again steadily until 29. The traditional therapies had failed. So, the doctor told me to try an experimental therapy (immunotherapy) but I was not elegible because I had already chemotherapy wich was uncompatible. The following analysis result was a PSA of 212, completely ot of control (at 1000 you die), and I only had one hope: a new medicine in the market, with the same side effects as the chemotherapy. And it has worked! Today the doctor told me the PSA has gone down dramatically from 212 to only 2.63, aalmost in the correct range. This is the only good news I´ve received in 3.5 years, so I consider I scored a seconnd goal against the cancer. What do you think, my Miljonet contacts? Your comments help.Thanks.
By Social Club Member
12 Jul '20
Great news! Keep it up!! Happy for you .. to be on right track again!
By Social Club Member
12 Jul '20
Dear Alvaro, Inspired to see this, and to hear of your ongoing success. Keep keeping us posted. Stay safe, stay well!
By Social Club Member
21 Jul '20
Have not been here in quite a while and the first thing I see is this! Very happy for you!
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23 Sep '20
Dear all,
After 3.5 years of bad or very bad news from the doctors month after month and numerous risky tests and all treatments received, finally the last two revisions with the oncologist went WELL. From the beginning when i was told the diagonisis, how dangerous was my cancer, that they were going to give me all therapies available and the three side effects for the rest of my life, I was also told that I ony had two things in my favour: my brain (my attitude) and that my type of cancer was frequent so profitable for labs so from time to time appear new drugs. The key indicator is PSA: to be healthy it should be between 0 and 1. When i was diagnosed it was 24, that was very dangerous as per the doctors. They tried all therapies available, with no result. Next analysis increased dramatically up to 219! Completely out of control and with no more weapons to fight. When you reach 1000 PSA you simply die. Then, fortunately, a new drug was launched in the marget. They tried an IT WORKED! PSA went down to a 1.2 (almost healthy) an is now under control. The only problem is that the drug costs a fortune (48M EUR/month). After three months of burocracy getting athorizations frfom 4 entities, I managed to get an exceptional authorization to do some things still in the private hospital and some others in the public hospital, where I get the drug for free. Regardindgthe other thing, my brain (i.e. my attitide), I am proud to say that in 3.5 years cancer didnt beat me a single day, using two of my strenghts; a) serenity, to accept very bad news, pass risky tests and treatments, etc and b) I nev er give up.
As I told previously, the sense of my life is to help others. SInce i have cancer i use to perform a show called 'Words and songs'in public venues and prvately at home to motivate other cancer patients to fight until the end. The words talk about the positive side of the cancer. Basically three key important things that the cancer brought me, ante three songs at the guitar that illustrate each idea. An attendant expert in oratory and oral cammunication told that my speech waas simle imperial: clear, structured and with sense of humour. I met one of the cancer patients that attended a private performance after one month and I asked her if he liked the concert. She told me that I had given back to her the joy of lliving. All in all, I socred another goal againts cancer. The come back continues, Kin d regards, Älvaro alias "Gladiator"
By Social Club Member
28 Sep '20
God is merciful and kind. There is so much to be thankful for.
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03 Jul '21
Bad news regarding cancer. All conventional therapies and drugs (incl. one new very expensive) have failed. After 4.5 years, we are at the same starting point and the PSA indicator grows again which is very bad. So, next step is to start an experimental therapy (Inmunothrerapy) that has worked with rats in the US. It is very risky. The legal papers I signed authorizing the experiment haad 19 pages with tones of potential side efects. But I have no choice. First i have to pass several tests before they admit me as candidate foor the experiment. I´d appreciate a pray from you so that they accepet me, and then so the therapy works.
Good news on the personal side: i am very happy because a company that promotes artists is going to issue my anticancer concert via streaming worldwide in both Spanish and English, so I can help say100 patients at once. In the last concert, one of the patients told me that I had given her back the joy of living. The concert is titled 'Words and songs'. The words are about the positive side of the cancer: three positive things that the cancer brought me so now I am happier than before. Includdes a very funny story that make people laugh and applause (antistress therapy). Then come the songs that illustrate each idea, and finally an extra song dedicated to somebody special in the room. When I was 12 years old I decided my main vocation i.e. to dedicate my life to help others. In my life I suffered tough or very tough experiences, I overcame all of them and then I help others in similar situation so it is easier for them, i.e.: unemployed people (more than 160 candidates); separed/divorced people (several activities); mentally disabled people ( few people but long-term help) and whatever my Lord puts in my path that now are cancer patients. I am very happy abot this concert by streaming because I can help many cancer patients at once and move to the fifth group, that is waiting for me and I am short o time (my life expextation is short): What do you think about this bad and good news?
By Social Club Member
25 Aug '21
Dear Alvaro, This site didn't work for a long time to LOG in issues ..etc. I think people are slowly back to this platform.I hope many starting to read and will have a place in their minds about you and pray! God bless you!
By Social Club Member
19 Nov '21
Hi Alvaro, I hope you're continuing to wage your battle. As mentioned by Dianna,, there has not been much activity here in general. My thoughts are with you and I wish you the best - this HOLIDAY SEASON and NEW YEAR(s) to come.
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17 Feb '23
Bad news and good news for the last 18 months: The inmunotherapy also failed, so now I am going through a second group of chemotherapy sessions. At the beginning they worked and PSA went down which is good bu then stopped decreasing; let´s see. Last months cancer was worse so I had to stay in hospital for urgent radiotherapy sessions. There they discovered five new deseases, including a heart attack, and I overcame them. At the beginning of last month I was suffering too much from the chemotherapy side effects, so I decided cáncer was not going to beat mentally and so that 2023 was going to be a good year, i.e. every month I am going to do something special that makes me happy. In January it was the cellebration of my birthday. The day of my birthday up to 55 people congratulated me by phone (so excluding Facebook and LinkedIn). I must have done something right in my life if so many people love me. I estimated how many people visited me at hospital; too much for a single party in my apartment, so I did two mini birthday parties, i.e. the whole month cellebrating my birthday. Years ago, when I passed the surgical operation, I had 27 visits in 3 days; the nurse asked me if I was a cellebrity. For the following months I am doing my current favorite hobby: to organize events. Hope I enjoy a lot.

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