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  • 26 Jul '20
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I want to introduce to the  professional ATWQ / Li informal discussions

“A Tiny World in Quarantine” -

Please be aware of the environment that you have been invited to.

We are pleased to have a relationship with Miljonet, 50 of our members joined..........

You have the world of connectivity that we have created for you, with business and social groups, and we have members groups.

I want all members of this group who are in business, to do the following please. Click on their picture on whatsapp and you will see your name - touch the pencil and write your name clearly - then tick. Underneath your name - it says about - write your linkedin or your website or your keywords there. and tick. If you are not in business you may prefer just to be in another category - no harm in just asking me.

This is what differentiates us from other networks in the social space, we encourage you to connect and do business and we encourage you to connect and make friends. You can speak in any language.

For your mutual benefit – there are a number of discussions you can join –

ATWQ / Li Business chat group for business deals.

ATWQ/ Blockchain

ATWQ Commodity Trading

ATWQ pre 2010 (invitation) only to those who were members of ASW (ASmallWorld) pre 2010 – the idea of this inner group is that you will be with members that you know from before. This is select social.

ATWQ Economists

ATWQ Futurist

ATWQ Luxury

ATWQ Medical Sales

ATWQ Money Markets

ATWQ Private Equity Fund

ATWQ Real Estate

ATWQ Share Trading

ATWQ Software Development

ATWQ Startups

ATWQ  Sustainable & Impact Investing

ATWQ Friends Social for anything social….. please avoid lewd comments. In the group are professional people.

ATWQ Tendering – those with a tender or those seeking a tender.

ATWQ Toastmasters

Please appreciate that members here are encouraged to make relationships, and it is up to you to do DD Due Diligence. You make relationships with people at your own risk. This is a free network and so you use these whatsapp groups as is, and in no way can I guarantee anyone, although certainly there are members who I am doing active business deals with.

This is a free network, and only partially administered by volunteer admins.

We cannot guarantee your security, though we try to do that. We ask you to do due diligence, you do business with people at your own risk.

If someone veers off the rules, admins cannot always be around…..

There is no list of members – the reason behind this is data protection. Protecting you.

When you post something on whatsapp, only you can remove it, no-one else.

You will I am sure be overwhelmed. So I want you to think about which groups you will join, and feedback to me please.

For those amongst you who have linkedin accounts, there is a complementary group for 'A Tiny World in Quarantine'.


Kind regards,


Lawrence Perry FRSA RTS

A Tiny World in Quarantine

+447412 540371







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