The Mercedes-Benz Pick Up Truck


Look out, luxury vehicle makers. Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled their newest concept car: the X-Class. Two versions of the vehicle were previewed at their showcase in Stockholm, Sweden this past week, giving the public a peek at both a luxury model and a model more suitable for off-road usage. Mercedes-Benz claims that this is the world's first premium pickup truck, despite the fact that it has been producing various models of trucks for several years. 


This new model comes at a time when pickup truck purchases are at an all-time high. According to Business Insiderthe Mercedes-Benz is seeking to fill a gap in their portfolio of vehicles and get an edge on a market where truck purchases have increased by nearly 20% in the past year. 


The truck is set to hit markets in Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia by the end of 2017. Despite the massive popularity of pickup trucks in the United States, there has been no word from the company about a release date. There has also been no indication about the purchasing costs of the vehicles, though many are speculating that they will begin at approximately $75,000. 


By Kat Ward

By Social Club Member
30 Dec '16
This thing is butt-ugly...they're probably not going to make this thing. People will buy a Ford, Chevy, Dodge or Toyota or they will opt for a Mercedes G-Wagon.....but people won't pay $75k+ for this in the USA.
03 Jan '17
It appears they are quite serious about production of this car, not only for the American market but worldwide. The pick-up market is a vast market, mostly overlooked by the European brands. It will be interesting to see if they can compete with established brands like Ford in the premium end of the market.
By Social Club Member
06 Jan '17
In North America it will be a loser just like the Honda Ridgeline which this appears to be a luxury copy of. Regardless of the buyer profile, with the exception of a few, people are looking to looking for a practical vehicle that has the box capacity to transport something more than a few boxes of nails... Better to get a SUV or a full box pick-up. Even better yet, buy your vehicle of choice and buy a used pick-up for when you really need it and do not worry about the scrapes and scratches you will incur as a result of using it for its intended purpose... Am I too practical... or is this vehicle just totally impractical?!!?
By Social Club Member
09 Jan '17
14% of all cars bought in America is a pick-up, and in Europe the market is also rapidly growing, especially in the UK. I guess this utility vehicle is aimed at people with a passion for outdoor activities, that want to be able to carry anything anywhere. Possibly more a lifestyle-statement than a pure practical choice...

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