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  • 07 Sep '18
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ROYAL BEAST DESIGN comes from the inspiration of the designer travels, creative and artistic daily surroundings. Rich colors of metals, gemstones, crystals, shells, and wood are combined in one luxurious style? Boho-chic (bohemian style).


Royal Beast Design | Swiss fashion jewelry brand that embraces amazing bohemian style, bringing all the colors in our everyday life. Unique majestic accessories handmade with love, environment-friendly, and anti-allergic. A perfect jewel that enhances your style wearable for any occasion!


The main feature of Royal Beast Design is a combination of contrasting materials. It is a mysterious mixture of luxury and the natural world – precious metals and wood, gemstones and seashells from exotic locations like Australia’s Gold Coast, with its unique silky, colorful, wavy style, for example.

Fashionable jewelry easily recognizable and loved among all fashionistas. Rock your social circles with the jewelry of Royal Beast Design


Accessorize your style with ROYAL BEAST DESIGN jewelry,  sustainable and eco-friendly brand made in Switzerland.


• Brand: ROYAL BEAST DESIGN @royal_beast_design 

• Showroom: JAANTE @jaante_showroom 

• For inquiries: 






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