Foldable phone?

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  • 17 Sep '16
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I definitely want this! 

Flexible displays that can be bent and folded show a natural progression of things because it is high time we experiment with such screens indifferent devices. There always have been rumours about foldable smartphones launching this year or that year and we haven’t witnessed it as yet. But now it seems that we may finally have a smartphone that can ‘actually’ fold its screen. As you know Samsung is the pioneer whenever there is a discussion about flexible screens and this surely doesn’t come as a surprise that in the field of foldable smartphone displays, Samsung has made some headway.

Samsung wowed us all with its Galaxy Round that how phones could also flaunt curved displays and since then Galaxy Edge has become a mainstay. Now the rumour that filtered through sources and reached us is that Samsung is working on a foldable phone and the company has termed it as Project Valley. So this new smartphone will boast of a screen that instead of those fixed curved displays; will flaunt a screen which will be actually foldable and if reports are to be believed, this amazing new phone may hit the markets next year. One thing is sure though, if it does succeed in making an appearance in the market next year, people are going to throng the stores to own this unique smartphone.



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