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  • 28 Mar '17
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 Lab Cosmética Específica is one of the premium cosmetic brands that is more surprising because of the great power that natural ingredients possess. This brand had to develop a line of high natural cosmetic products for skin care. It is present in hundreds pharmacies and they sells internationally.

Lab Cosmética Específica focuses on the development of a high-end dermocosmetic line, formulated with the combination of selected actives treated with biotechnology in Spanish laboratories of last generation, which achieve an exceptional result by introducing them a percentage of active principle far superior to Rest of the market lines. As a reward you get results up to five times faster.

Its creams are ideal to take care of your skin daily and its treatments will be in charge of actively nourishing it in a safe and lasting way, getting your beauty to last through the years.

Although the positive effects of their treatments are visible from the first application, they have created a product that day after day takes care of your precious skin and its products of high range are reasonably priced for daily use.

Lab Cosmética Específica uses the latest advances in biotechnology, as well as the use of phytocomposites and natural actives in the development of its treatments, choosing for it the best in botany and marine extracts that provide immediate effectiveness and extraordinary results.

We work without parabens, perfumes or silicones, thus creating 100% hypoallergenic products.

Nuestros laboratorios de última generación, elaboran cosméticos faciales de alta gama respondiendo a los estándares médicos y científicos más exigentes. Durante este proceso no se recurre a ningún tipo de experimentación con animales.

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