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big syn int film festival

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random connections: the secret - effective network

In the photo in the House of Lords pictured with Barroness Karren Brady........I run A Tiny World in Quarantine, ATWQ a whatsapp community, which came out of a few ASW ASmallWorld members talking together, on Christmas Eve 2019, and graduated into it's own community off ASW. It has grown to an active business and social community, where members meet, talk socially and do business together. Membership is by invitation from members, and who you know.We are offering this "invitation link" free to members of Miljonet and happy to have a relationship.I want to introduce to the  ATWQ  Social World. Please be aware of the environment that you have been invited to.You have the world of connectivity that we have created for you social groups, and we have members groups.This is what differentiates us from other networks in the social space, we encourage you to connect and do business and we encourage you to connect and make friends. You can speak in any language.I want all members of the groups whto do the following please. Click on their picture on whatsapp and you will see your name - touch the pencil and write your name clearly - then tick. Underneath your name - it says about - write your linkedin or your website or your keywords there. and tick.For your mutual benefit – there are a number of discussions you can join –ATWQ America – You are an American!ATWQ Art GalleryATWQ Casting (membership only by invitation)ATWQ CanadaATWQ Climate ResilienceATWQ Cooking, Food and RecipeATWQ Coronavirus – a chat group on Covid-19  and focused on this subject, so please do not place social into it. It is a serious group focused on what is happening. The idea behind thus group is to attract health professionals and you to a serious conversation. Please avoid placing anything social in it, and do not use the group to place any business on it.ATWQ pre 2010 (invitation) only to those who were members of ASW (ASmallWorld) pre 2010 – the idea of this inner group is that you will be with members that you know from before. This is select social.ATWQ Friends Social for anything social….. please avoid lewd comments. In the group are professional people.Please appreciate that members here are encouraged to make relationships, and it is up to you to do DD Due Diligence. You make relationships with people at your own risk. This is a free network and so you use these whatsapp groups as is, and you enter at your own risk.ATWQ Conspiracy TheoriesATWQ Deutsche Freunde SozialATWQ FamiliesATWQ FashionATWQ FuturistATWQ GeekATWQ GreetingsATWQ Healing GroupATWQ House BuildersATWQ Impossible WorldATWQ Interior DesignATWQ Investors / FundraisingATWQ IsraelATWQ JournalistsATWQ Light – Christian GroupATWQ LuxuryATWQ MindfulnessATWQ Millionaireson MiljonetATWQ Music EclecticATWQ NYCATWQ PhotographyATWQ Political Punchers all politics here ……ATWQ Perks Where members offer something free to another member who offers something free.ATWQ  Jewellery & WatchesATWQ Joe’s WorldATWQ LATAM Spanish groupATWQ LATAM PortugeseATWQ Private Equity FundATWQ RootsATWQ SinglesATWQ SportsATWQ SSS Swap a Skill, get a ServiceATWQ ToastmastersATWQ TravelATWQ Wines of the WorldATWQ Zoom – those open to participate in Zoom Video ConversationsThis is a free network, and only partially administered by volunteer admins.We cannot guarantee your security, though we try to do that. We ask you to do due diligence, you do business with people at your own risk.If someone veers off the rules, admins cannot always be around…..There is no list of members – the reason behind this is data protection. Protecting you.When you post something on whatsapp, only you can remove it, no-one else.You will I am sure be overwhelmed. So I want you to think about which groups you will join, and feedback to me please.For those amongst you who have linkedin accounts, there is a complementary group for 'A Tiny World in Quarantine'. Kind regards,Lawrence Perry FRSA RTSA Tiny World in Quarantine+447412 540371E:    

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coronavirus knee jerk reactions

More than 3 million cases of the new coronavirus have been officially declared in Europe, more than half of which in Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, according to the AFP daily count. Worldwide there have been a total of 15,237,784 infections. The continent remains the most affected region in terms of number of deaths: 206,633 deaths, out of 626,994 recorded worldwide. Russia, the European country with the highest number of cases (795,038 for 12,892 deaths), the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy are the four countries on the continent with officially more than 225,000 cases on their territory. These numbers of diagnosed cases, however, only reflect a fraction of the actual number of infections, as many countries do not.In China there may well be 100 million with Covid19 and 30 million deaths, which are hidden well by the Communist Peoples Party in their sea of propoganda, in comparison to the United States that has more than 4 million cases and rising. In France there are 1000 new cases everyday, and these are echoed across the EU, every single country is affedted, and whilst some countries are imposing quarantine on people arriving from neigbours, they are also hiding the outbreak figures from their own population, in efforts to increase their gdp and trading outlook and get back on track their economies. This morning I awoke to hear that the UK has imposed a 14 day quarantine on hoidaymakers returning from Spain, which is rather rich as right now it is safer to be in Spain than the UK - so why is the UK doing that? To keep money inthe UK?I run A Tiny World in Quarantine, ATWQ a whatsapp community, which came out of a few ASW ASmallWorld members talking together, on Christmas Eve 2019, and graduated into it's own community off ASW. It has grew to an active business and social community, where members meet, talk socially and do business together. Membership is by invitation from members. So why not have a look inside your invitation......Photos by Micheile Henderson , Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash 

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vnsn radio

FRENCH RIVIERA RADIOHOSTED BYGRÉGORY LAMOTHEGrégory Lamothe born 07 06 1973 in Montluçon in the center of France.  Son of a soldier, of Creole origin, grandfather, black, Mauritian origin, grandmother, of military family.  Having lived on the island of Reunion and Guadeloupe, and Africa.  subsequently returned to France.  Holder of a master's degree in law.  Military service in the air force, in the south east of France Aix En Provence and Roquebrune Cap Martin Roc Agel Mont Agel.  as an officer.  Then creation of my production company of Star Productions and Tv shows for more than 15 years working with artists from the world of French television, Star Seed, star Academy.  I arrived in Fréjus a French commune located in the Var department, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur region. Capital of Fréjurès [What?], It is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, at the mouth of Argens and Reyran, it is the capital of the canton of Fréjus, the associated seat of the diocese, a  seaside and tourist resort of the Côte d'Azur, a town of Art and History and the co-founder of the association of "Towns and Crafts". Originally named Forum Julii, the (public) square of Julius (implying Caesar) 2, a Roman city founded in 49 BC.  AD to oppose the omnipotence of Massilia, then a colony wanted by Augustus under the name of Colonia Octavanorum to welcome the veterans of Legio VIII Augusta.  Equipped under Tiberius, it declined until the fourth century, the date of the constitution of the bishopric, the second in France after Lyon.  Host city of the triumph of Charles V in 1536, agricultural center of the Var since the Middle Ages, garrison town since the 16th century, naval air base of Roland Garros in 1913, struck in 1959 by the cataclysm of the Malpasset dam, Fréjus  is with the town of Saint-Raphaël, the economic, cultural and tourist center of eastern Var and the site of the largest French concentration of ancient remains after Arles. Its inhabitants are called the Fréjusiens3 or Forojuliens in French, the Frejulencs in Provençal according to the classical standard and the Frejulen according to the Mistralian standard. Fréjus is the 4th city in the Var with a population of 52,532 inhabitants (2012) 4, at the heart of the agglomeration community Var Estérel Méditerranée, 2nd in the department with 107,547 inhabitants (2011) 5.  more than 13 years ago I created a communication, press relations, TV, Radio marketing digital Multimedia and influence agency.

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radio french riviera

INTRODUCING .99 CENT ADVERTISING.NO HIDDEN COSTNO HIDDEN FEES*business Must have INITIAL COMMERCIAL created1.An initial setup fee for a professional voice over actor/actress to write and record your commercial with exclusive rights to you. You keep the advertisement to post anywhere at anytime. It's yours to keep.$75.2. Decide the time you would like you advertisement to play.24/7 First come, first served.3.Pick how many advertisements you wan played?Each advertisements played is ONLY .99 cents.Have your advertisement played two times: $1.98.Have your advertisement played 500 times: $495. pretty, powerful & polite3 P's For The Professional Business Woman Click on magazine cover to read.Disclaimer for advertisers. Must Read!·       Absolutely no political or campaign ads·       No discriminatory content whatsoever·       No gambling·       No  hate speech·       No divisive  commentary·       We are a private company and can refuse any     advertisement that does not comport with our values·       We are here to honor and respect every culture, ethnicity, and every sexual orientation

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sunny isles beach florida most exclusive penthouse

Sunny Isles Beach Penthouse For Sale By Katerina BrosdaCall me now +1 (305) 788-9393. There are a few luxury penthouses for sale in Miami, but this is the ultimate penthouse designed for grand-style indoors and outdoors entertainment.

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documentary on entrepreneur

Dear All,I hope this finds you well.I am co producing a documentary that will be featured on Amazon and other VOD platforms on how an entrepreneur turned an idea into a successful business.There are also opportunities available for product placement.If you would like more info or be  featured, please can you send me an email to,Thank you,Kind regards,Timi   

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patek philippe may come up for sale?

Patek Philippe Watchmaker May Come Up for Sale SIHH speculation perhaps?  ZURICH, Switzerland — Patek Philippe, the closely held maker of $10,000-plus Calatrava watches, may be coming up for sale, according to analysts at Berenberg who cited industry talk. The 180-year-old Swiss watchmaker could fetch 7 billion to 9 billion euros ($8 billion to $10 billion), analysts led by Zuzanna Pusz wrote in a note. Patek Philippe has been owned by the Stern family for almost a century, and Thierry Stern became the company’s chairman in 2009. “It was interesting to hear in the corridors of the Geneva watch salon that a potential sale of the high-end watch brand Patek Philippe could be approaching soon,” the analysts wrote, noting that it could be just a rumor. A Patek spokeswoman declined to comment except to say deal speculation tends to occur during the annual watch fairs in Switzerland, including last week’s Geneva show. A sale of Patek Philippe would upend the watch industry and could lead to a bidding war, as it’s one of the last prize assets that hasn’t fallen into the hands of a luxury conglomerate. Swatch Group AG, which has bought up brands including Omega, and Richemont, which owns Cartier, make more than half of Swiss watches. Patek Philippe has sales of 1.5 billion francs, according to Berenberg estimates. On its website, the company says its “intention is to independently pursue the path that led to its success.” “We understand that one of the largest conglomerates in the sector would likely be interested in the asset given its currently relatively low exposure to the watch category,” the analysts wrote. Pusz wasn’t immediately available to comment further. Two years ago, family-owned Breitling was sold to private-equity owners CVC Capital Partners for more than 800 million euros. In 2014, Stern told Swiss newspaper Le Temps that the company may eventually need to leave Geneva or put itself up for sale if its tax burden wasn’t reduced. Months later, the company announced a 450 million-franc ($451 million) investment plan in the canton. Stern’s wife, Sandrine, works in design at Patek Philippe. Their children are in their teens, and Patek’s chairman has said he wouldn’t push them into the business if they didn’t want to join. By:

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relocating to austria and switzerland 

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happy easter-happy passover world!

HAPPY EASTER-HAPPY PASSOVER WORLD!In Peace & Love From All Of Us @ GALVANO GROUP!GG/TEAM Contact & Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on : Your Global Butler In Your Pocket!An Ace Up Your Sleeve &.....Much More!

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gg/kevin underwood's 2018 galvano group - review

 GG/KEVIN UNDERWOOD'S 2018 GALVANO GROUP - REVIEWWe’re Famous, Sought After & We Love It! Kevin Underwood, is a publisher, journalist, blogger for the Luxury Goods Industry.Check this out! GALVANO GROUP gets u access to → All that makes life beautiful & joyful…. Cause ….We Got it All! Contact & Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on : Your Global Butler In Your Pocket!An Ace Up Your Sleeve &.....Much More!

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new car smell

New car smell You’re likely familiar with that exciting experience of shopping for a new car. While the process can become draining and stressful, there’s a deep sense of relief and satisfaction felt when you sit in your new car for the first time and smell the satisfying “new-car smell." What exactly is this “new-car smell" that we are all so familiar with? According to automakers, this aroma is essentially a mixture of volatile organic compounds such as rubber, plastic, leather and other chemicals that are used to assemble a car. These compounds release molecules into the air when they reach a certain boiling point, thus creating its aroma. What would be a new car without that new-car smell? Automakers respect the customers’ desire to have that new-car smell in their vehicle, so it is crafted and balanced to have an effect in the beginning of a purchase.According to experts, data shows that unfortunately 90% of the new-car smell dissipates after a month. People find the aroma of a new car so alluring that they often seek to mimic this smell even when the car is not new, or when the new-car smell begins to dissipate. Car makers are now trying to manipulate the new car smell, so that is it no longer just a nostalgic feeling that you once remembered.Air Aroma is doing just this by partnering with car dealerships to create their own signature scents to incorporate in their car showrooms, car shows, or cars themselves. A new-car smell represents the new, fresh and luxurious feel of the car. Through scent creation, Air Aroma helps car dealerships give clients the same feel of style and elegance when they enter the showroom or new car. Smell is one of the most powerful human senses, and through scenting an auto-show, car, or car showroom, a brand is creating the ultimate sales experience.Air Aroma has worked with some of the world’s biggest car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, Lexus and Nissan. Each signature scent represents the brand’s value, and what they are trying to communicate to clients. For example, Mazda worked closely with Air Aroma to create a warm and welcoming fragrance for clients to enjoy when entering their showroom. Warm characteristics in fragrance notes such as sandalwood have been found to have mental boosting, relaxing and calming qualities. While picking a new car can be a stressful process, incorporating a relaxing fragrance into a showroom can put one’s mind at ease. Nissan scents their motor shows with their fresh, fruity and herbal signature scent exclusively created by Air Aroma. According to Nissan’s Global Head of Marketing, their modern oriental fragrance has created a vibrant and exciting atmosphere for guests at their car shows. Other sweet, fruity scents such as cucumber and green apple have been found to invoke positivity. These uplifting qualities make finding a new car a more enjoyable experience. By scenting cars with a signature scent, brands are strengthening their emotional connection with their clients, thus enhancing customer responses when buying a car. Diffusing a signature scent into a car showroom, car show or the car itself creates a lasting feeling and experience for clients that will no longer fade away.

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gg/happy galvano group 2018 year!

From Our Team At GALVANO GROUP To You. We Wish You All A Very HapPy 2018! Markus SassmannCEO Contact, Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on :

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villas valriche, domaine de bel ombre

Stretching from the mountains down to the turquoise lagoon, the Domaine de Bel Ombre is located on the south-western coast of Mauritius, in the heart of one of the most beautiful and unspoilt regions of the island. Luxury Villas for sale in Mauritius on a 2500-hectare golf and beach estate from EUR 785,000 incl. taxes. Access to Beach Club, two 5-star hotels and the 18-hole award winning signature GolfContact :Grégory Lamothe 

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la balise marina

 Located in the sought-after town of Black-River on the sunny West coast, La Balise Marina is the island’s only residential marina. Apartment, Duplexes or Villas open up on private or shared moorings and are only a stone’s throw away from the crystal clear waters of the surrounding lagoons. Regulated under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), La Balise Marina is open to foreign buyers and gives access to a Mauritian residence permit as well as ?scal advantages. Extending over 12.8 hectares fringed by the sea, with magni?cent mountains as a backdrop, once completed the marina will comprise 143 freehold waterfront residences as well as high-end facilities. Freehold waterfront apartments, duplexes and villas in Mauritius' only residential marina from € 652,000 incl. taxes.For more information go toégory Lamothe 0604515103

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oak ceramic perpetual sells for 800,000 chf

Oak Ceramic Perpetual Sells For 800,000 CHF At Only Watchtes.Outfitted with a new and unique dial color, an AP Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar crushes pre-sale estimates.The big sales keep piling up in Geneva. The latest big one to drop is CHF 800,000 ($803184.75 at the time of publication) paid for an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar in ceramic. It's one hell of a watch, and an expensive one too. Back when this reference came out at SIHH 2017, its retail price was announced at $85,000. When AP announced that they'd made a unique blue-dialed version of this guy for Only Watch, the estimate was CHF 80,000-120,000. Boy, was that number way off!By Jason Watts. 

News, Media & Society 27 Oct 2017

paul newman's rolex sells for record $17.8-million

Paul Newman's Rolex Sells For Record $17.8-million at Phillips Bacs & Russo Auction in New York A Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239, known as the "Paul Newman" owned by legendary actor Paul Newman sold for $15.5-million, plus buyer's premium of 12.5%, for a final price of $17,752,500 at a Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo auction tonight in New York City, setting a new record for a Rolex sold at auction. It is also the record price for any wristwatch sold at auction, and is considered the most iconic wristwatch of the 20th Century. The previous record for a Rolex sold at auction was $5-million for a Rolex Ref. 6062, nicknamed the “Bao Dai” because it was owned by the last emperor of Vietnam. Previously the highest price paid for a Rolex Daytona – the most collectible Rolex model – was $3.7-million, set last spring at a Phillips, Bacs & Russo auction. Previously the most expensive wristwatch sold at auction was a Patek Philippe Ref. 1518, for $11-million, also sold by Phillips. The so-called “Paul Newman” Daytona, worn by the actor, is the most sought-after Daytona model, and the model sold tonight was the original: Paul Newman's "Paul Newman". The reference, which wasn’t called the Paul Newman until the 1980s when it began to gain traction as a collector’s piece is distinguishable from other Daytona models for the “square lollipop” ends on the subdial markers and for its Art Deco font. It also has contrasting colored seconds scale along the periphery of the dial, and a Daytona signature over the lower subdial rather than under the upper signature, as on most other Daytonas. Officially called the Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona, it was produced in six different series between 1963 and the late 1970s, but was discontinued because of poor sales. Paul Newman wore the one auctioned today – a Ref. 6239, made in 1963. It was a gift from his wife, Joanne Woodward, who engraved “Drive Carefully, Me” on the caseback. Newman gifted it in 1984 to James Cox, the former boyfriend and now close friend of Paul Newman’s daughter Nell. A portion of the proceeds of tonight's sale will go to the Nell Newman Foundation, a charitable foundation that supports her father’s philanthropic values, while serving Nell’s commitment to organic foods and sustainable agriculture.  A portion of the sale proceeds will also go to benefit Newman’s Own Foundation.Carol Besler covers watches for Watch Journal, Watch Time, Robb Report, Nuvo, Revolution and International Watch. For more of her stories see

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monaco foundation’s 2017 award ceremony

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s 2017 Award Ceremony will be held in MontrealAfter Shanghai in 2010, London in 2012, Palm Springs (California) in 2014, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s 2017 Award Ceremony will once again be held outside of Monaco. It will take place in Montreal’s Imperial Cinema on 30 September 2017.During the morning of that same day, the second 2017 meeting of the Foundation’s Board of Directors will be held, chaired by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, in the presence of the presidents of the foreign branches.Since 2008, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s Awards have recognised exemplary initiatives linked to the Foundation’s three main areas of intervention: the fight against the effects of climate change, the preservation of biodiversity and access to water, and the fight against desertification.“I wanted to create these Awards in order to show my support for the exceptional men and women who are committed to saving our planet“, explained HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.The Foundation will also present Special Awards to individuals who have carried out exemplary work in connection with environmental issues.The award ceremony will be followed by a private screening of Luc Jacquet’s film, “March of the Penguins 2: The Call” 

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mayweather vs. mcgregor & the 'a' list celebrities

What is actually more of an event with the who's who of the world than just a fight, next week in Las Vegas will be one to remember. Who knows what will happen in the actual fight but before and after La Vegas will be packed with 'A' List Celebrities. When everyone arrives this week in Las Vegas for the Mega Fight do you know who gets the Premium Suites & Villas? The answer is you, if you play US$20,000 per hand and more. The ‘more’ part determines who’s sitting Ringside, who gets the better Villa and if you can’t get a limo but you see multiple Rolls Royce pull up to the entrance of the casino that’s a ‘more’ player. Yes, this is the one week ‘A’ List Celebrities will be B level of importance compared to you when it comes to Dinner Reservations, Bottle Service and of course the best seats in the house for everything! Who do you need to know to still get great seats to the fight? Contact me (Greg Hubley) directly on Miljonet or by phone at 702.727.8102. Any DM please use Whatsapp instead of texts, thank you. The following is from A ton of notable actors, actresses, musicians and even notable business people are expected in attendance at the event being held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Among the actors and actresses planning on sitting ring side for the fight, Oscar winners Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, and Jamie Foxx as well as fellow nominee and UFC minority owner Mark Wahlberg. Famed action director Michael Bay is also expected at the fight. Several notable musicians will also be in attendance including Drake, Diddy, LL Cool J, Rick Ross, Adam Levine and Avicii. It’s hard to imagine pop brat Justin Bieber won’t also make an appearance considering he’s walked to the ring with Mayweather in the past and is a self-professed fan of McGregor as well. From the sports world, multi-time NBA champion LeBron James will be in attendance for the fight as well as New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft. Famed entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk is also expected to show up at the fight between Mayweather and McGregor. Now this is only a partial list with more celebrities expected to be in attendance when the fight takes place next Saturday night. When Mayweather faced Manny Pacquiao in 2015, the who’s who list of celebrities from across the globe showed up to attend the fight so it’s likely the same thing will happen for this event as well. The fight goes down on Aug. 26 from Las Vegas as Mayweather puts his perfect 49-0 record on the line against the UFC lightweight champion in McGregor, who will be making his professional boxing debut.

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le grand musee du parfum

Our sense of smell is one of the most important ways in which we connect with the world around us, it is the sense most closely linked with memory and is also highly emotive with fragrances being able to convey a vast array of emotions and feelings. It is not surprising then that a museum dedicated solely to perfume has opened its doors in France. Le Grand Musee du Parfum, the world’s first scent-centric attraction is located in Paris, the capital of perfume. The museum is set in the heart of Paris’s Golden Triangle inside the 19th century mansion that was formerly Christian Lacroix’s haute couture house. The content takes visitors through a multi-sensory journey throughout the history and science of perfume making using high-tech graphic, sound and scent installations. The olfactory journey begins in ancient Egypt with the first fragrance ever created by man, Kyphi, a pungent woody compound used to invoke the gods. Visitors are then guided through the scents of different eras throughout history to the 20th century where Paris is consolidated as the centre of scent and perfumery. Interactive installations have been designed to allow tourists to smell the 25 iconic base ingredients used by perfumers, such as rose absolute, orange blossom or patchouli.The Garden of Scents hosts an artistic installation of trumpet-like diffusers which emit various evocative smells such as fire smoke, cinnamon and even Coca-Cola for visitors to identify. It is here where visitors will learn the extraordinary emotional power of scent. Behind the mansion, a garden will be planted with aromatic plants and flowers which are specially cultivated for their scent such as jasmine and rose.The museum boasts state-of-the-art technology which allows visitors to record the fragrance accents they like on an electronic card as they make their way around the exhibits. At the end of the experience, interactive stations will allow patrons to purchase perfumes containing the ingredients and fragrance accents they have enjoyed. The innovate museum hopes to attract the increasing number of tourists that visit Paris for luxury shopping and lead visitors deep into the secrets of perfume making. To learn more or visit the museum, go to the Le Grand Musee du Parfum website

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galvano group - cbp/circle of beautiful people

GALVANO GROUP - CBP/CIRCLE OF BEAUTIFUL PEOPLEGALVANO GROUP is proud to let the World know its new collaboration with -Circle of Beautiful People-/World as its exclusive concierge & lifestyle management for its members!.. A Match Made in Heaven for Beautiful People & GALVANO GROUP’s Exclusive Concierge & Lifestyle Management. GALVANO GROUP Gets You Access → To The World & Beyond!…. Contact, Details & Reservations:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comFollow us on :

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what happens in vegas stays in vegas...

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; what happens on Twitter stays on Google forever." - Jure Klepic

News, Media & Society 07 Jun 2017

vladimir putin’s $1 million watch to auction

Vladimir Putin’s $1 Million Watch Coming to Auction Vladimir Putin, watch guy. Yup, the president's best frenemy is something of a horological connoisseur, and, as reported over the years, his collection includes everything from a Blancpain Aqualung that he wore while signing the treaty to annex Crimea to a range of other watches that make up six times what his declared yearly income is. Today, however, we've found the most impressive and expensive timepiece from the Putin collection, and it's coming up for sale.The watch is none other than a true grand complication Patek Philippe wristwatch—a reference 5208P. The 5208P is one of the most complicated watches Patek has ever made, and it includes a minute repeater, a mono-pusher chronograph, and an instantaneous perpetual calendar. It is one of the most impressive wristwatches in the world, and also one of the most expensive—it costs roughly 980,000 CHF and is offered only to top clients of the brand by application.The watch was seemingly sold to Mr. Putin at London's Watches of Switzerland location, though a date is not visible on the documentation. Now, to be clear, it is possible that someone may have filled out the certificate of this watch with Mr. Putin's name, so there is no way to confirm it was actually sold to him—but that seems unlikely, as Patek Philippe retailers are instructed to print the real name of the purchaser on the papers as the watch is delivered. Still, anything is possible, and Antiquorum's listing is anything but complete at this moment—further it is hosted on Antiquorum's new partner in European auctions, Monaco Legends. There is not even an estimate listed on this lot yet, and the auction house is still looking for more consignments for this mid-July sale in Monaco.  

News, Media & Society 03 Jun 2017

the jim pattison children's hospital

The Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan will be getting a new name following the largest private donation in Saskatchewan history.The $285-million construction project adjacent to Royal University Hospital will now be known as the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital. Pattison was on hand Tuesday as officials announced his $50-million pledge to support equipment purchases and research.At a news conference, Pattison was presented with a construction vest and hard hat to symbolize the ongoing work on the hospital. The 88-year-old native of Luseland, Sask., grew emotional at the podium as he described his Saskatchewan roots.He said it was Saskatchewan people and members of a local Apostolic church that fed and clothed his family when they lost their business during the Depression.Pattison would go on to make his fortune in the auto, media, real estate and grocery sectors. Forbes magazine estimates his net worth at $5.6 billion."My family owes a lot to Saskatchewan," said Pattison. "My mom's family were homesteaders and my dad's family were homesteaders, so we wouldn't be here without Saskatchewan people."Pattison said it's important to recognize the work of volunteers and how important they are to society."I think any effort, no matter how small, can help," he said. "That's what builds a community and what builds a country."Premier Brad Wall said he's grateful for the donation, and that the new hospital is needed."We're going to have a world-class children's hospital," he said. "I think it was always the vision of our government that we would have one in the province."Wall lauded Pattison's commitment to Saskatchewan."He has never forgotten the province," Wall said. "It's just great to have him home, and we're grateful for his generosity."The Ministry of Health said the hospital has recruited more than 70 per cent of the pediatric specialists it will need. Thirteen interested candidates have made site visits to Saskatoon since January.The hospital was 55 per cent complete at the end of April, and is on-time and on-budget. The hospital is expected to open in 2019.