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the songs of nature

'Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything' - PlatoFor thousands of years, we have cherished the soul of music. It is more than just sound in the air, more than just ink on paper. We use it to mirror our thoughts, bring to life complex emotions that can otherwise be lost in translation. Ancient armies used music to rally their soldiers into a fierce and fiery passion, to strike terror into the hearts of their enemies. We have always used music to tell stories, to manipulate the heartstrings of listeners with the ease of a puppeteer manipulating the strings of a marionette. Music gives us the power to speak without words. Even somewhere devoid of all human influence, there is rarely silence. Deep within the gloomiest rainforests, a choir waits, silent, concealed by the leaves and shadows. Its audience, unseen, but out there somewhere. Throats swell, songs rise, and a cacophony of voices suddenly engulfs the silence of the trees. The male frogs serenade their invisible females, coax them out of the darkness like a love-struck Romeo serenading Juliet beneath her ivy-clad balcony. And in the darkness, within the shadows of the sickle moon, a lone wolf raises his head and sings at the stars, fills the sky with the echoes of his haunted voice. He is a ghost, mourning his solitude, and his song is a lonely one. It carries further than he will ever wander.Songbirds warble joyfully in the trees, and even the caged canary must sing to keep his soul alive. We cherish the lark for her beautiful lovelorn ballads, the hooting owl for his soothing lullabies. We are captivated by the songs of Nature. We have listened to them, learned from them, taken from them something that is primitive and raw, and transformed them into entirely new creatures. There are many voices, each one demanding to be heard. Music has existed longer than we have. We do not possess it, nor do we claim to. We merely embrace it, allow it to embrace us, to nourish our fettered emotions, and to set them free.

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luxury showcase london, 18th july

Dear All,There is a luxury brands showcase in London on the 18th July  at the The Lalit Hotel. Confirmed invitations to over 150 UHNWI.If you would like further info please send me an email to timi@4s-events.com,Many thanks,Timi  

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the 2019 henley & partners global mobility report

The 2019 Henley Passport Index and Global Mobility ReportThe 2019 Henley Passport Index and Global Mobility Report is a unique publication that brings together commentary from leading scholars and professional experts on the major trends shaping global and regional mobility patterns today.In addition, the report features fresh analysis of the latest developments on the Henley Passport Index, original scholarly research into the relationship between democracy and travel freedom, and on-the-ground insights into the future of migration technology.Download the 2019 Henley Passport Index and Global Mobility Reporthttps://www.henleyglobal.com/files/download/HPI2019/HPI%20Global%20Mobility%20Report_Final_190104.pdf 

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the henley passport index 2019

Asian Countries Dominate When It Comes to Passport Power in 2019Japan goes into the new year holding 1st place on the Henley Passport Index, with citizens enjoying visa-free/visa-on-arrival access to 190 destinations. In a further display of Asian passport power, Singapore and South Korea now sit in joint 2nd place, with access to 189 destinations around the globe. This marks a new high for South Korea, which moved up the ranking following a recent visa-on-arrival agreement with India. Germany and France remain in 3rd place going into 2019, with a visa-free/visa-on-arrival score of 188.The US and the UK continue to drop down the Henley Passport Index — which is based on authoritative data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) — and now sit in joint 6th place, with access to 185 destinations. This is a significant fall from the 1st place position that these countries held in 2015. Denmark, Finland, Italy, and Sweden now hold joint 4th place, while Spain and Luxembourg are in 5th. As they have done for much of the index’s 14-year history, Iraq and Afghanistan remain at the bottom of the ranking, with access to just 30 visa-free destinations.Turkey’s recent introduction of an online e-Visa service has resulted in some interesting changes to the overall rankings. As of October 2018, citizens of over 100 countries (including Canada, the UK, Norway, and the US) must apply for an e-Visa before they travel to Turkey, instead of being able to do so on arrival. While this specific change means that a number of countries have dropped slightly in the rankings, it does not alter the overwhelmingly positive effect of the wider global tendency towards visa-openness and mutually beneficial agreements. Historical data from the Henley Passport Index shows that in 2006, a citizen, on average, could travel to 58 destinations without needing a visa from the host nation; by the end of 2018, this number had nearly doubled to 107.Dr. Christian H. Kälin, Group Chairman of Henley & Partners and the inventor of the Passport Index concept, says this latest ranking shows that despite rising isolationist sentiment in some parts of the world, many countries remain committed to collaboration. “The general spread of open-door policies has the potential to contribute billions to the global economy, as well as create significant employment opportunities around the world. South Korea and the United Arab Emirates’ recent ascent in the rankings are further examples of what happens when countries take a proactive foreign affairs approach, an attitude which significantly benefits their citizens as well as the international community.”Countries Continue to Embrace Mutually Beneficial Migration Asian countries’ continued dominance of the Henley Passport Index reflects the extraordinary effect that international mobility and migration has had on the region. The full scope of this impact is explored in the recently launched 2019 edition of the Henley Passport Index and Global Mobility Report – a unique publication that offers cutting-edge analysis and commentary from leading scholars and professional experts on the latest trends shaping international and regional mobility patterns today.Commenting in the report, Dr. Parag Khanna, the Founder and Managing Partner of FutureMap in Singapore, notes: “China’s Thousand Talents scheme, Thailand’s entrepreneur visa, and similar initiatives from the UAE to Singapore show many states sustaining a high comfort level with mutually beneficial economic migration.”China’s steady ascent up the rankings over the past few years is a clear demonstration of this. In 2017, the country was ranked 85th, with citizens able to access just 51 destinations. Going into 2019, China sits in 69th place, with its nationals now able to access 74 countries and territories around the world. Commenting in the report, Froilan Malit, an Associate at the Gulf Labour Markets, Migration, and Population (GLMM) program and a Fellow at Centre International de Formation des Autorités et Leaders (CIFAL), says: “Overall, international migration has not only helped stabilize economic growth in Asia Pacific but enabled many labor-sending South and Southeast Asian countries to sustain strong economic growth, even in times of crisis.”As is clear from the United Arab Emirates’ continued upward trajectory, the Middle Eastern powerhouse has taken a similar approach to Asian high performers. Now holding top spot in the region at 22nd place globally on the Henley-IATA index, with its citizens able to access 164 destinations around the globe, the nation recently signed agreements with a number of countries, including Mexico, Japan, and Sierra Leone. Commenting on the UAE’s recent partnerships with African nations, Ryan Cummings, Director of Signal Risk, says: “The United Arab Emirates has demonstrated a penchant for reciprocating visa deregulation as the country aims to attract diverse skill-sets and increase the power of its own passport.”Cummings suggests that the African continent would also benefit from this more expansive approach: “Africa continues to lag behind the rest of the world. That said, it is certainly moving in the right direction in terms of enhancing visa openness. Over the past year, several African countries – notably Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia and Senegal – relaxed visa requirements, with the intention of enhancing trade, co-operation, and security.”Looking ahead: Brexit, the US, and changing alliances The 2019 Henley Passport Index and Global Mobility Report offers fascinating insight into what the coming year might hold in terms of visa freedom and travel access. Experts anticipate that neither the US nor EU member states are in line to substantially revise their current visa policies, whereas countries in other parts of Europe (such as citizenship-by-investment newcomers Moldova and Montenegro), as well as those in Asia and the Middle East, look set to continue seeking visa-waiver agreements with diplomatic allies.A question mark remains over the ultimate impact of Brexit. While the deal hangs in the balance, it is difficult to anticipate what the ultimate ramifications will be for EU and UK citizens, as well as for EU and UK trade and co-operation. Commenting in the report on the potential impact of Britain’s changing relationship with the EU, Prof. Simone Bertoli, Professor of Economics at Université Clermont Auvergne (CERDI) in France and a Research Fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics in Germany, says: “London’s finance sector could lose a substantial part of its appeal, and other European countries (notably, France, Germany, and Ireland) could decide to strengthen policy measures to attract financial sector workers.”Finally, insights from the report show that the ever-growing trend towards visa-openness is unlikely to slow down. Overall, 2019 looks set to hold some surprises in the travel freedom space as more countries and citizens embrace the benefits of global mobility.Citizenship-by-investment countries consolidate their respective positionsAs in 2018, countries with citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programs continue to hold their strong positions. Malta, for instance, sits in 9th spot, with access to 182 destinations around the world. St. Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda hold 27th and 28th spot respectively, while Moldova remains in a strong position at 46th place, with citizens able to access 122 countries. A recent agreement signed between St. Kitts and Nevis and Belarus, due to come into effect in the coming months, will further strengthen the St. Kitts and Nevis passport, and enhance the travel freedom of its citizens.Dr. Juerg Steffen, the CEO of Henley & Partners, says: “The enduring appeal of investment migration programs shows that more and more people are embracing alternative citizenship as the best way to access previously unimagined opportunities and improve their passport power. Additionally, it is no surprise that countries are increasingly looking to launch CBI programs, which attract talented individuals and bring enormous economic and societal benefits.”

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GALVANO GROUP Serving Desires Bigger & Better!Happy 2019!Inquire NowT: +41 44 533 1894 office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.com?Follow us: https://www.miljonet.com/b/galvanogroup/viewhttps://www.facebook.com/galvanogroup/ 

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galvano group -your global butler in your pocket

A Members' Club Serving Your Desires With A Twist!Images Speak More Than A Thousand Words Joint The Party! Contact & Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on : https://www.miljonet.com/b/galvanogroup/viewhttps://www.facebook.com/galvanogroup/ Your Global Butler In Your Pocket!An Ace Up Your Sleeve &.....Much More!

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galvano group experiences-around the world

GALVANO GROUP EXPERIENCES -AROUND THE WORLDAll Year Round! GALVANO GROUP gets u access→ to best Experiences Around the World.Name it we have it!.. Contact & Details:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comwww.galvano-iridium.comFollow us on : https://www.miljonet.com/b/galvanogroup/viewhttps://www.facebook.com/galvanogroup/ Your Global Butler In Your Pocket!An Ace Up Your Sleeve &.....Much More!

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happy 4th of july america -galvano group team

GALVANO GROUP TEAM WISHES A →HAPPY 4TH OF JULY AMERICA!!!...& Much More...HapPY HaPpy Independence Day! →Make Our Planet Great Again!GALVANO GROUP TEAMYour Global Butler In Your Pocket! Contact, Details & Reservations:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comFollow us on : https://www.miljonet.com/b/galvanogroup/viewhttps://www.facebook.com/galvanogroup/

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leonardo dicaprio - 2017 st tropez 4th annual gala

LEONARDO DICAPRIO - 2017 ST TROPEZ 4TH ANNUAL GALAWEDNESDAY JULY 26TH 2017 GALVANO GROUP Gets You Access → To the LDC Foundation Event, Wednesday July 26th 2017 at 7.30pm for Cocktails followed by a Dinner at 9pm, Live Auction & Top Entertainment in the presence of Leonardo DiCaprio & Friends …Tickets, Premiums & Preferred Tables Etc...→ GALVANO GROUP’s got it all!..Contact, Details & Reservations:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comFollow us on : https://www.miljonet.com/b/galvanogroup/viewhttps://www.facebook.com/galvanogroup/

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morgan & mallet international

LUXURY HOUSEHLOD & DOMESTIC STAFF RECRUITMENT AGENCY based on French Riviera  but also in Paris and abroad (UK, US, South Africa, Switzerland, Russia) 

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saint-tropez summer (& others)

Summer again (already!  It was just New Year's Eve!).  Where will you spend it? If the Côte d’Azur is your scene, would love to see you at the White Party (July 9)... the 4th annual Saint-Tropez Gala (July 26) benefitting the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation... and/or the 5th annual cocktail party of the Stelios Phlanthropic Foundation, in Monte-Carlo (July 11), to benefit the World Wildlife Fund and initiatives of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Getting around is super easy, with exclusive pre-arranged ground transportation up and down the Côte d’Azur, from ST to MC. Feel free to connect here or contact directly with any request(s) for invitation or service. 

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galvano group-bodvar rose

GALVANO GROUP-BODVAR ROSEA Hip  & Tasting Gathering!Los Angeles, CaliforniaJune 10th 2017 Gathering Around Rose!GALVANO GROUP→Was There With Milena Hansen!...Thank You BODVAR ROSE! Contact, Details & Reservations:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comFollow us on : https://www.miljonet.com/b/galvanogroup/viewhttps://www.facebook.com/galvanogroup/

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galvano group -your global partner in your pocket

GALVANO GROUP gets u access to→ Pleasures to Live for &...Much More! Your Global Partner in Your Pocket.An Ace Up Your Sleeve. Contact, Details & Reservations:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comFollow us on : https://www.miljonet.com/b/galvanogroup/viewhttps://www.facebook.com/galvanogroup/

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btsnyc real estate services (concierge)

Oh New York (sigh…) with its vibrant real estate market and astronomical prices! But don’t worry. Let us help you find true gems to buy or rent for reasonable and accessible prices.Neighborhoods, for example in Brooklyn, have grown significantly and have become extremely attractive places, with great transportation services and great quality of life. If you're a city person, Manhattan has countless options too.We can help your search for short or long term rentals, plus we offer real estate consultation sales services if you're interested in purchasing a property in the State of New York or a corporate space.We can also provide security to visit your second home periodically.Services in English.For further information: www.behindthescenesnyc.com/concierge

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6 influential women leading the charitable charge

6 Influential Women Who Are Leading the Charitable Charge in the Magic City & BeyondFrom our Miami reporters; From a top TV personality to fierce entrepreneurs and stylish philanthropists, six of Miami's leading ladies have one thing in common: they are on a mission to encourage and empower others—not just in the 305, but across the globe. KAROLÍNA KURKOVÁThe Czech supermodel has conquered the catwalk, strutting her stuff for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and landing countless campaigns for high-end fashion houses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Now, the blonde beauty balances modeling, motherhood, and giving back. What charities are you involved with right now?I work with Feeding America and amfAR [The Foundation for AIDS Research]. I did a campaign with Anna Wintour and a few female designers where we created products that were sold on Shopbop.com. All of the proceeds were given to moms in third-world countries who have HIV.How do you balance your career and personal life?It’s a learning process; having kids forces you to have balance. I am constantly learning how to manage my time more efficiently. I pay very close attention to nutrition and try to take care of myself. But my kids come first, because children really need that guidance and a lot of love and attention.Your childhood is not what people might expect.Growing up in a small town [in the Czech Republic] I got a lot of attention, but not in a good way. People would point at my long legs and stare at me. I never wore short skirts or shorts; I was always in pants trying to hide them. I was kind of insecure. I never thought of myself as a beautiful girl or that I could be a model.When was your first big break?At [14 years old], a friend of mine asked me if she could take pictures of me. And then, without telling me, she sent them to an agency. They called and said they would like to meet me in person. On one hand I was like, Oh my God, yes! and on the other, I wanted to kill my friend because she didn’t ask me. But if she had, I probably would have told her no, and I wouldn’t be where I am today.Philanthropy philosophy:We are a part of this planet, and we all need to help and empower others. ARLENE CHAPLINYogArt co-founder and Pérez Art Museum Miami Board of Trustees member Arlene Chaplin has made it her mission to fuse art, philanthropy, and fun in the Magic City.What drove you to become so involved in the community?From an early age, I saw my parents getting involved with and caring about the city. My dad was one of the first developers in Brickell, and he also dreamed of people staying, living, and working in downtown. So being a part of PAMM is amazing for me because he always felt like our city needed an arts and cultural center and that it helps to create a community.How do you find balance with all of your projects?Yoga, which is why I started YogArt. It’s exercise, but it helps your heart and soul, and I wanted to share that experience with others.YogArt went from a two-times-a-year event to a monthly ritual connecting the community. How does that make you feel?The heart of YogArt has always been about love. My two partners, Lee Brian Schrager and Dawn Feinberg, and myself all have something to share, but it’s all rooted in love and positive energy. And having [YogArt] events that people look forward to is incredibly rewarding. We’re planning on expanding to New York—stay tuned!What has been your biggest struggle?The number-one priority in my life is my children. I’m a mom first, then a wife, then hopefully a philanthropist. I want to be very loving and have an open relationship with my children, yet set guidelines and direct them on a great path. I think that if you give children good guidelines, then it’s a gift to the entire world, because having healthy children is very important for all of us.Philanthropy philosophy: I always try to be the best person I can possibly be, and I apply that to every aspect of my life.LISA PETRILLOAs CBS4’s lifestyle and entertainment reporter, Lisa Petrillo infuses our lives with glitz and glamour. Here, she talks about making it in the television industry while encouraging young girls along the way. How did you get your first big break?I knew Julio Iglesias very well through a family friend. At the time, the competing station was promoting an exclusive interview with him. I went to my news director and said, “I can get you an exclusive with Julio Iglesias at his house. I can show you what his bedroom looks like!” So off we went, and lo and behold, it was on the 11 o’clock news that night as the big exclusive.What’s been your biggest career challenge?There’s the challenge of being a mom and juggling my career. In the beginning I was part time, because I wanted to be with my kids. I even turned down an offer in LA that was going to have me in a big show, but that meant red carpets every night and not being home. I knew I wouldn’t be happy doing that.How has being a woman played a role in your career?In the beginning, it was hard. There were people who saw a young girl and didn’t want to take [me] seriously. But the power of the woman is so strong, and I think once you prove that you can do it just as well as a man, all bets are off.What charities are you involved with now?I am the honorary chair of Debbie’s Dream Foundation, which [aims] to stop stomach cancer. I was honored with the Broadcaster of the Year award in 2016, and am emceeing their annual gala again this year. I also work with Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and [host] their annual fundraising event called Out of the Kitchen.Do you feel responsible for setting an example for girls watching you on TV?I do. I love to talk to young girls about starting out and having them realize how hard it is. It’s not just about being on television. You have to write, produce, and know what you’re talking about. In this time of Instagram and selfies, being a journalist and keeping it real is the most important thing.Philanthropy philosophy:Giving and doing as much as you can for the charities and organizations that speak to you. I feel the best when I’ve contributed to something that’s close to my heart.MELISSA MEDINAExecutive vice president of tech advancement platform eMerge Americas, president of The Medina Family Foundation, and mother of five, Melissa Medina is seamlessly breaking tech (and stereotypical) boundaries. What challenges have you had to overcome?Being a woman, being Hispanic, being a mom, being the founder’s [eMerge’s Manny Medina] daughter. But I prefer to view them as drivers to prove to myself that I can push through. I was brought up by parents who encouraged me from a very young age to pursue whatever dream or passion I had. I never once thought that, because of these things, I couldn’t pursue a career.What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned from your father?I don’t think I realized how truly blessed I am to have been raised by such an incredible man until later in life. Before that, he was just my dad. I realize now that I was raised by a mentor who taught me about sacrifice, determination, and perseverance.Tell us about the Medina Family Foundation.Through the Medina Family Foundation, we directly help local nonprofits that impact our community through education and youth [programs]. I serve on the boards of several of these organizations, and I [like] to get my children involved, too!How do you find balance?I think it is virtually impossible to have a perfectly balanced work-life schedule. I feel blessed to have such an incredible support system with an extremely supportive husband, mother, father, in-laws, and friends who all help me. If it weren’t for them, there would be no way that I could work and be a mom of five children under 10 years old!Philanthropy philosophy:It all goes back to the way my parents raised my brother and me; no matter how little or how much you have, it is important to give back whatever you can.SHANNON ALLENAfter her son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Shannon Allen struggled to find fast but healthy food options, so she took matters into her own hands. Enter Grown, an all-organic and allergy-friendly restaurant at the forefront of the health-conscious movement.When was the moment you decided to create Grown?I’m a doer. I don’t believe in the words “no” or “impossible.” When my son Walker was diagnosed [with diabetes] and there were no healthy fast-food options when I needed them, I felt frustrated and defeated. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, Shannon, nobody is going to come save you. I called my husband, [Miami Heat legend] Ray [Allen], and said, “If nobody’s got big enough balls to reinvent fast food, I’m going to do it.” That’s the moment Grown (8211 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami, 305-663-4769) was born.What does the future of Grown look like?We’re growing! We have two locations at Hard Rock Stadium, and they are the only USDA organic-certified fast-food concepts in an NFL arena. We’re opening in Orlando in Lake Nona inside of a Walmart. My dream is for every family, regardless of income or zip code, to be able to have access to organic fast food. With Grown living inside Walmart, a huge behemoth of a company that really cares, it truly makes us accessible to everyone.How do you balance business, marriage, and motherhood?I find balance in my family. They are my source of joy, and spending time with them is how I recharge my batteries. Ray and I try to steal our moments. We’ve been together almost 21 years, and it’s important to remember why we fell in love and to stay connected. And it’s crucial for our five children to know that they are the most important thing in our lives.Philanthropy philosophy:You can make an impact on someone’s life by sharing your time. It’s the small moments that really touch people.PETRA LEVINAn avid art collector and former Miss Germany, Petra Levin has dedicated her life to the arts and bettering the community, as evidenced by her tireless efforts with the American Cancer Society, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, and many more.How did you become an art collector?I always had a passion for contemporary art. I remember buying my first miniature Yves Klein sculpture many years ago. [But] becoming a collector doesn’t happen overnight. I [keep up with the industry] by reading numerous art magazines, visiting galleries, and devote a lot of time traveling regularly with my husband [beverage tycoon Stephen Levin] to various art fairs in Berlin, New York, and London.What is your opinion on women in the arts?Women have always been important to the art world as artists, curators, and directors, and have been historically underrated. To me, the most iconic [woman artist] is Louise Bourgeois. Her work has been so influential and boundary-breaking through her use of tools like radical abstraction and architectural interventions. She was one of the first artists in America to transcend gender [boundaries].What has been one of your biggest challenges?Public speaking. Coming from Germany and learning English has taken a lot of time and effort. But being involved with charities and giving many speeches [helped me] develop confidence.How do you recharge?Growing up, biking was part of our family activities. I still bike regularly on Miami Beach, and I devote time every day to exercise. But I also love playing with my two puppies, Feena and Friday, who I secretly call my “happy pills.” Their cuteness and unconditional love always make me smile!What do you love the most about living in the Magic City?Miami has such an incredible variety of the arts. And taking our boat out on the bay with friends and watching the most beautiful sunsets in America is something really special.Philanthropy philosophy:I believe that people who have achieved a degree of financial success in life have a moral obligation to give back to charitable causes.   

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galvano group & galvano one

GALVANO GROUP & GALVANO ONEYour Global Butler in Your Pocket→An Ace Up Your Sleeve GALVANO ONE made it its business to answer ONE question: What’s going on today in my town? No “perhaps”, “possibly” or “probably”, but a straight go there or miss out, hand on heart. GALVANO GROUP ensures you receive outstanding quality and tailored first-class services anywhere, anytime. We are there for you, for your preferences, tastes and desires."  GALVANO VIP Membership gives you 24/7 access to the GALVANO CONCIERGE team and brings you to top travel experiences, annual fashion shows, mega sporting events, the biggest movie premieres …..& much more! Contact, Details & Reservations:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comFollow us on : https://www.miljonet.com/b/galvanogroup/viewhttps://www.facebook.com/galvanogroup/

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galvano group- being worldwide

Serving Your Desires!...& Much More...Contact, Details & Reservations:office@galvanogroup.comwww.galvanogroup.comFollow us on : https://www.miljonet.com/b/galvanogroup/viewhttps://www.facebook.com/galvanogroup/?ref=bookmarks

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flag supports red pencil

FLAG supports social good and is supporting the Foundation Red Pencil. The Red Pencil is an international humanitarian organization (a registered charity with an Institute of Public Character status, in Singapore and in Geneva) whose expertise is to bring the benefits of art therapy to vulnerable children and families who are victims of overwhelming life circumstances such conflict areas or natural disasters, for which they have no words.  The creative process of drawing allows them to express the unspeakable, to experience release and relief, to gain self-confidence and feel empowered to move on towards a more hopeful and happier life.  At The Red Pencil, we are dedicated to their resilience and long term recovery.You can find our Booth at the TEFAF Art Fair in Maastricht till the 19th of March. Please inform us of your donation by sending a message to welcome@redpencil.org with your bank transfer reference, name, and contact details.THE RED PENCIL (INTERNATIONAL)UBSIBAN CH440024024089840040MAccount number 898400.40MBIC UBSWCHZH80A Question F@flag.lu

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chateau pomeaux 2005

Check out this Pomerol 2005 from Château Pomeaux on Vivino. 32 users rated it 4.3 out of 5 stars. https://www.vivino.com/wineries/pomeaux/wines/2238871-pomeaux-pomerol-2005you can buy direct property through Miljonet

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mediterranean-style estate in golden beach florida

Hello Miljonet Friends!Below I am presenting you with a 15,000 SF lushly landscaped Mediterranean-style estate with spectacular Spanish courtyard in prestigious Golden Beach, Florida. The covered patio overlooks the pool; a second balcony offers vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. The 4BR/5BA boast a total of 7,729 S/F with 5,793 SF under air living area, splendid dark woods, marble flooring and granite counter-tops in the spectacular open chef’s kitchen. The 10-24' ceilings, game room, bar, 2 car garage, walk-in closets, impact glass and cabana bath make this mansion a rare jewel – even in Golden Beach. This is a must-see estate, priced to sell at $4.4 million (roughly $800,000 below fair market value). Showings by appointment only. Call me at +1 (305) 788-9393.Now is the time to invest in Miami real estate. If you find a great deal, grab it - as Miami prices will continue to go up. Mark my words! Luxury real estate will continue and perhaps even accelerate in appreciation. 

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auspicious flame productions

www.auspiciousflameproductions.comHello Miljonet Sentient Friends...we are/I am looking for sponsorship/funding for a project to be filmed in the Apulia/Puglia region, Italy which is based on true events. My website (as stated above) offers a project I have just completed as a first time Director/Producer for a charity known as  "We Are The Children" based in this region. Sincerely and humbly appreciated.  https://www.auspiciousflameproductions.comIf there is anyone whom is able to help please contact me on info@auspiciousflameproductions.comThanking you in advance.Gerardo  

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this is the finest address in miami

The Acqualina properties in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida can best be described by their own tagline, “The World’s Finest Residences.” The properties include The Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach, The Mansions at Acqualina, and The Estates at Acqualina. Contimue reading here

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villa for sale in roquebrune cap martin, france

One of my good friend is selling his villa in Roquebrune Cap Martin, France not too far from Monaco due to professional relocation....A magnificent 3 storey luxuriously renovated villa of around sqm 350 on a 1,000 sqm plot. The living room’s large bay window opens towards the Mediterranenan sea and Italy. Four bedrooms with bathrooms, dressing room, office, caretakers’ apartment. Covered pool and garage.Asking price: € 4 MioVilla has a mediterranean style but can be changed into something more modern... ie last two picsNO real estate agent, no middlemen, no whatever....end buyers only!If interested, please revert back to me and I will introduce you to the owner.thksLuc 

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a private oceaanfron paradise | miami beach, coral

Oceana Bal Harbour – a Private Oceanfront ParadiseHouse, Buy | United States, Florida, Miami / Miami Beach, Coral GablesProperty DescriptionThis 4,185-square-foot (388-square-meter), corner three-bedroom residence with den, family room and four-and-a-half-baths features ceilings approximately 10' high, specially-made 5.5’ to 6’ windows providing southern, western, and eastern exposures with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, and a large 1,595- square-foot wrap-around terrace. A private elevator landing leads to a gracious entry gallery and a grand 21'-5” x 35' corner living and dining room.The large, eat-in kitchen feature Gaggenau appliances, Italian cabinetry with three color options, and marble counters and back splashes. The master bedroom is well appointed with two walk-in closet and en-suite master bathroom finished in natural marble and treated Ipe wood floors. Other residence features include a washer and dryer, insulated glass to reduce exterior sound, and a Concierge Panel for connection to building services and amenities. The world-class condominium Oceana Bal Harbour is being developed by Consultatio and will rise 28 floors, offering 240 residences ranging from one-bedroom to five-bedrooms. USD 8.728.220You can show your interest @ Info@kitty-mason.com