TWIN FLAMES Relationship Workshop in London

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  • 08 Jun '18
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Is he/she my real Twin Flame? When will separation finally end? How can I connect with my Twin Flame in 5D? What else do I need to work on?

These and other burning questions is what keeps a lot of Twin Flames up all night.

This workshop will provide you with profound knowledge and the right tools to get hands-on with your journey and your relationship.


What you are about to receive

? Real knowledge from a real Twin Flame couple
? No sugarcoating
? Presented by a Divine Masculine with Life Path number 1 (a true leader)
? Spectacular Insights from an empowered Divine Feminine 


Start Receiving Guidance for your Twin Flame Journey Today, presented by a real Twin Flame Couple!

A Twin Flame journey is confusing, stressful and can surely turn out into a nightmare without the right knowledge, wisdom and guidance.

There is nothing romantic about doing the hard inner work on yourself to become whole again, no. It is painful. And you sometimes wished you never had read about Twin Flames, right?

Every Twin Flame journey is different, but the underlying laws of the universe are the same.

Right now, you might be struggling on your journey, but that’s ok. Every Twin Flame has been there.

A Twin Flame relationship has been overly romanticised, when in truth, it is not about romance. It is about spirituality, becoming whole, so you can united with the other half of your soul and create your empire.






Your hosts

Josef and Yulia have gone through massive ups and downs mentally and physically on their own journey to consciousness. 

Josef is a a Divine Masculine with Life Path number 1 (a true leader), and Yulia is an empowered Divine Feminine, giving you ground-breaking and eye-opening insights.

They were able to develop methods to identify, crack & replace their old belief systems, patterns, paradigms and mental blocks.

Part of their inner work was to move away from the mind space, get into their heart space, dissolving ego, deeply letting go and surrender to what is. 

Let their relationship be an inspiration to you, even if you are not in a twin flame relationship. 

Josef and Yulia have done tremendous inner work, not only for themselves, but also to support others in their awakening, their growing consciousness and awareness. 


Typical Challenges of a Twin Flame Journey

? You cannot cope with the intense feelings for your twin
? You don’t know what to work on next
? You are struggling with separation phase
? You do not know how to detach from your twin in a healthy way
? You do not understand how to surrender to the journey
? You cannot cope with the intense feelings for your twin
? You are struggling with overcoming the obstacles of reunion
? You still have a lot of conditions on your love and you do not know how to handle this
? You want to know how to become whole
? You want to understand, feel and experience what Unconditional Love is


What you'll learn in this workshop

? What are Twin Flames?
? Twin Flame Purpose
? The Fuck-up Phase
? The Healing Phase
? Balancing your Energies (Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine)?
? Reunion


An Intimate Setting

You will be among like-minded people who want to learn more about Twin Flames, their journey, their purpose and how to get things right.





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We are looking forward to welcoming you to our workshop! 
It will change your whole perception of your Twin Flame Journey. 
- Josef & Yulia





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