Short REPORTAGE: Silence at Clay Castles, Namibia


There is no windy breeze, no singing birds, and no sound at all. Nothing but sand and clay, surrounded by big basalts and dark rocks. The sun shines brightly, burns almost. Your own breath is the only sound you will hear around the phenomenal Clay Castles of Skeleton Coast. Around the Hoarusib River, at the north of Namibia, there are dozens of clay castles, which are ten thousands years old, and tens of meters high. They are hidden in several narrow gorges around the river bend. This unique natural phenomenon was formed due to sand and water, which were blowing into the gorges and stopped by dune walls. From here little lakes developed, which through years of rain fall, built layer for layer clay substance to finally form the so-called Clay Castles. The question is how long this fragile substance will stay intact because of the increasing rain and erosion. Because of its isolated location there are barely any tourists around here, so who wants to enjoy a moment of total silence and Zen, have to experience this. 


Angelique van Os & Henk Bothof



By Social Club Member
02 Jan '15
By Social Club Member
03 Feb '15
Enjoy the silence

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