Preview Frans Lanting Dialogues with Nature


Today Henk and I had the privilege to meet one of the greatest worldwide nature photographers, Frans Lanting and his wife and documentary filmer/editor, Chis Eckstrom. We got a sneak preview of the up-coming first major retrospective exhibition of the his work, Dialogues with Nature, in the Dutch Fotomuseum, Rotterdam. It is possible to visit the exhibition from June 9th till September 4th.

Soon we will publish more images and (an) interview(s) with Frans. So stay tuned. First check out two behind-the-scenes video’s. (in Dutch)


More info about the exhibition:

There are five themes which expose 40 years of work and love for nature and its surroundings. A journey through time and continents, from the exotic Amazon to the isolated Antarctica. His images convey a passion for nature and a concern about the future of our living planet. His imagery reflects his constant dialogue with nature, in communication with wild animals, life itself, from its beginning to the evolving of today. Clearly inspired by painted and poetry art forms.


Frans Lanting has a clear eye, always searching for deeper layers. Not only looking for beauty at the surface, but sharing messages about nature conservation and looking at future for life, to show issues of global biodiversity, dominated by human activity.


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