Brilliant Gin

Developed by two long-time gin lovers, husband and wife team Graham and Gail Woolston. What began as a passing comment in 2013 about a possible hobby has grown into a passion. Lovers of a fine gin and tonic at the end of the working day, we were becoming increasingly bored with gins that whilst promising much in terms of flavour just fade away when you add a mixer. On so many occasions we felt that all we were left with was a glass of alcoholic tonic water! So that became our challenge/mission.
To develop a gin that remained a classic London Dry Gin, elegant and refined, but is packed full of flavour. We wanted a gin that was daringly different for the people who love gin as much as we do. Not the quirky one-off buy that sits in the cupboard, but a truly classic gin, that customers come back to again and again as their gin of choice.
A gin that would really stand up for itself and carry the flavours of all the beautiful botanicals through to the final sip.

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