Kroon Gallery

In Kroon Gallery Custom collections, you’ll find exclusive limited series, a lot of young blood VS contemporary gods and a great variety of works in materials and techniques. All works are presented in extra-ordinarily settings of beauty and class. We work in partnership with some of the most exclusive hotels and other public venues. All works displayed are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to last.

Founded by art connaisseur and curator Job van Grol, author, and business man Florian Roozand real estate investor Robert Hazewindus. Kroon Gallery aims to be a highly innovative player in today’s expanding art world. leaving the box of the gallery behind and adopting a new, global concept. Expect us in the places of beauty of the world! Bringing the love of art into your life!

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Antique & Art, Collectables, Home & Decoration, Leisure & Lifestyle, Real Estate
art sculptures Price on request

flower bonanza by stefan gross

Stefan Gross wall sculptures are taking the US and Europe by storm. The lively, colorful and almost organic forms of his sculptures invoke immediate interest and conversation. Each flower is shaped by hand, a monumental amount of work goes into them, Stefan draws a unique signature within a great variation of works. A true Bonanza. size: 120cm by 130cm weight: 25KG delivered anywhere in the world by Kroon Gallery