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pure off the road

Pure of the Road is a Dutch writer/photography duo, specialized in travel, art, music (jazz), culture and nature. Henk Bothof and Angelique van Os write about their passions: pure traditional people, nature conservation projects, culture and off the road experiences. These experiences vary from remote areas, wildlife support to inside out metropolises and special accommodations. We publish our work in different genres, varying from tips, reviews, interviews, reportages and personal notes. If you are interested in our articles or other information, please contact us by e-mail: We also design travel concepts in cooperation with exclusive travel agents.

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tesoro nero ltd

Tesoro Nero produce luxury self playing designer grand pianos. Such spectacular instruments take a great deal of time, effort, and resources to get perfect. This makes our pianos extraordinarily unique, ensuring that you really stand out from the crowd. Our pianos know no bounds. No one can rival our stunning masterpieces; they stand unparalleled in the world of music, displaying a rare and inimitable spectacle of beauty.

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burbach roycroft

Peter Burbach is a sworn estate agent and property surveyor. Real estate runs in his family, which is why he is an expert in the property market. Straightforward-thinking and passion for the profession are what typifies him. Peter has gained a wealth of experience over the years working for various estate agents throughout Australia. After returning to Haaksbergen in 2005, he has been very active in the real estate market in the Netherlands. Whether you are working with a buyer or seller, sensing what is important for them is the key. Listening carefully is always the starting point. Peter Burbach has tremendous drive to achieve an optimal result for you. “Burbach Roycroft is able to offer its customers unexpectedly surprising perspective thanks to its well thought-out and tailor-made service”.

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Looking investors for the new app for sending everything you want, from cars, motorcycle, bike, trucks or even aircraft

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press emporium, inc.

Press Emporium is a single source solutions company for all print related items. We specialize in providing fine quality printing solutions for the luxury hospitality and retail markets. We offer over 200 proven global suppliers under the Press Emporium umbrella, ready the produce and enhance your brand. Our motto is "We can print on everything... Except water & air!" Contact us for consultation at

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bms digital

Criamos sites acessíveis a todas as plataformas. Trabalhamos com assessoria em web design para sua empresa, suporte, manutenção e atualização de sites.

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brilliant gin

BRILLIANT GIN - THE STORY Developed by two long-time gin lovers, husband and wife team Graham and Gail Woolston. What began as a passing comment in 2013 about a possible hobby has grown into a passion. Lovers of a fine gin and tonic at the end of the working day, we were becoming increasingly bored with gins that whilst promising much in terms of flavour just fade away when you add a mixer. On so many occasions we felt that all we were left with was a glass of alcoholic tonic water! So that became our challenge/mission. To develop a gin that remained a classic London Dry Gin, elegant and refined, but is packed full of flavour. We wanted a gin that was daringly different for the people who love gin as much as we do. Not the quirky one-off buy that sits in the cupboard, but a truly classic gin, that customers come back to again and again as their gin of choice. A gin that would really stand up for itself and carry the flavours of all the beautiful botanicals through to the final sip.

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children in the wilderness

CHILDREN IN THE WILDERNESS IN A NUTSHELL Children in the Wilderness (CITW) is a life skills and environmental educational programme for children who live in the neighbouring villages around the wild areas in which Wilderness Safaris operates. CITW began in 2001 in Botswana and currently takes place in seven countries: Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In 2017, Children in the Wilderness supported over 3 300 children in Eco-Clubs and trained over 100 Eco-Mentors/teachers.Since CITW is a not-for-profit organisation, it relies on funds donated by the Wilderness Wildlife Trust, interested donors, or fundraising events such as the Tour de Tuli mountain bike event. Children in the Wilderness increases children’s awareness, bridges cultural divides, broadens horizons, builds confidence, provides opportunities for new friendships and choices, and reveals career opportunities.

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wilderness wildlife trust

The Wilderness Wildlife Trust was formed in the late 1980s by top ecotourism operator Wilderness Safaris when it was understood that the company could only do so much for conservation in the course of its day-to-day activities and needed a dedicated vehicle to take matters further. More funds and a greater reach were needed so that overall conservation activities could be more effective. Accordingly, it was decided that an independent entity that facilitated fundraising and the disbursement of the monies to deserving projects would mean that, both directly and indirectly, Wilderness could reach more people, wildlife and places.

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The world's first actionable epigenetic DNA test. An award-winning revolution in proactive health management. Track how your lifestyle and environment affect your health at a DNA level and get tailored advice from expert health professionals to maximise your health and wellness.

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ah investments

We are investment company that finance good projects in form of loan.

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coolfin partnership

For 30 years Coolfin Partners have been helping Family Offices and Organisations to meet ever changing business and investment challenges. We have helped to shape the world of impact investment to put private and commercial capital to work and support social inclusion in everything we do. Our services and advocacy is recognised worldwide and we are regular keynote speakers at Executive Events and Business Investment Summits by invitation. Specialisation Project Development & Diligence Business & Financial Planning Regulatory and Policy Advice Global Agency Advocacy Funds Establishment and Design Emerging Markets Investor Support Philanthropy and Impact Fund Selection Intellectual Property Analysis Executive Support & Residential Coaching Professional Services Negotiation International Law Firm Selection

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mashie golf

MASHIE Golf is a private Members Golf Club for HNW clients and corporte companies looking to entertain friends and clients on the golf course. We have a golf concierge service, host over 40 Member Golf Days per year, provide access to over 70 premium golf courses and more.

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victor motors consulting

A family business with over 30 combined years trading history and industry knowledge. Our team specialize in Collector cars : Classic, Youngtimer and Supercar. We love working with passionate people and sharing what we've learned with them. This website is my window to the world where you can find more about us and then get in touch for a chat about potential projects.

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dml uk

We will help you to create a bespoke, truly special private dining experience with your choice of our Michelin-starred or celebrity chefs. This can be at your home or we will help you find a stunning venue for your party. Do you want to surprise your husband for his 50th birthday with an astonishing culinary celebration? Or does your partner want to add some celebrity sparkle to your annual summer party this year? Imagine having your favourite TV chef cooking in your house for you and your friends…! For any events requiring additional catering, our partner is Social Pantry

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district 1

AL REAL ESTATES (CoCo) offers access to exclusive high-end properties worldwide, including off-market, off-plan, secondary markets and plots. We also manage the access and acquisition of such properties and lands which are not advertised.

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environmental company

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oleander public relations

In 2017, Donna Segura recreated her career as a Freelance Publicist/Public Relations agent after first hand experience in the Fashion, Entertainment and Luxury industries she launched Oleander PR as a sole based agency aimed at delivering smart, executive level service without the layers of corporate hierarchy. . Based in Texas, Oleander PR offers 5 star, personable assistance for each client including the most discerning brands.

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homar living

Luxury lifestyle company offering the best to millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires to support their private lifestyle. Based in Mallorca, we offer the best concierge service, home management service -butlers, housekeepers, cleaners...-, and home support in Europe. All just a phone call away. +34677221858 ----- At Homar Living we take the pride of offering you a home service as it has always been. Reliable, trustworthy, proud of their jobs and happy to serve. *** Personal shopping, real state acquisition, asset diversification, luxury experience booking, gala and event sponsorship and much more... ---- We can't wait to serve you!

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moonen yachts

Moonen Yachts is a luxury yacht builder in the Netherlands, building (semi) custom yachts ranging from 30 to 50 metres in length. At Moonen Yachts we understand and engage with our customers and deliver that piece of art perfectly fitting into personal wishes and styles. From the drawing board to the open seas, customers are guided through every strategic choice in the design and building process. Our team consists of driven professionals with an undying passion for yacht-building and a typical Dutch no-nonsense mentality. By taking a truly personal approach, we ensure you always get the best. We’ve been building luxury yachts for over half a century. Our rich heritage and original vision have been maintained and expanded throughout by a close-knit team of in-house professionals. By embracing past, present and future, we always strive to stay ahead of the curve.

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We are a leading private Jet service with a 24/7 team of Aviation experts, offering over 7'000 accredited aircraft in one global network. As an Argus certified company, PrivateFly is audited to the highest industry standards of safety and service best practice. Miljonet members are exclusively offered preferred pricing with dedicated account management. Get in touch for further details and to compare a quote for your next journey.

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citrine estates

Citrine Estates is Limassol’s exclusive premier development, set in the magnificent Akrotiri Peninsula. A unique and delicate blend of nature and modern design, Citrine Estates grants investors unparalleled access to holistic living. Designed with ultimate exclusivity and choice in mind, Citrine Estates offers a range of property options, including luxury 1-bedroom apartments, designer-furnished single and multiple unit clusters, ornate 3-bedroom houses, and elegant 4-bedroom villas. Each luxury property’s master plan is designed according to the highest standards of design, with exquisite amenities and furnishings. For further enquiries call +357 2239 9300, email, or visit

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We provide global mobility solutions and help people to access the world and be more globally mobile: Residency/Citizenship, Relocations, International property services Bespoke luxury concierge services for the global citizen.

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henley & partners

Henley & Partners is the global leader in residence and citizenship planning. Our highly qualified professionals work together as one team in over 30 offices worldwide. The firm also runs a leading government advisory practice that has raised more than USD 8 billion in foreign direct investment.