Convoi with horsemen - Schelfhout

Schelfhout and Moerenhout are both painters with an extensive oeuvre. They painted mainly landscapes with figures.
Their personal success dissuaded neither Schelfhout nor Moerenhout from working together closely and frequently. And for obvious reasons, both painters have a thorough command of the complete domain of the art of painting, but they also have each their preferences and special skills. Schelfhout feels more at home in the larger landscapes whereas Moerenhout is brilliant at adding staffage and is capable of supplying his colleague’s painting with the necessary vitality with animals and figures.
The ”Karavaan met ruiters en figuren in een zuidelijk landschap “(Convoi with horsemen and figures in a southerly landscape) is a magnificent example of their cooperation. The wagons, piled up high, following their route; the clear figures in the forefront and the horizon which seems to melt into nothingness in the warm southerly light shows how their separate talents resulted in an harmonious work of art.
Besides characteristics of Romanticism, this painting also demonstrates a certain affinity with the 17th century “Italianists”. There is one more striking characteristic presenting itself here apart from everything that has been said about their relationship as colleagues: There is the enormous joy that seems to be sparking off the painting. If this were the world of sports we might call this a “one-two”. Two painters of the same mind.

Schelfhout, Andreas | 1787-1870, Dutch

Creation year:

Oil Paint
69 x 94 cm
27.17 x 37.01 in.


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